Here's How You And Your Dog Should Celebrate France's National Holiday

Category: Dog Life
It's Bastille day (le quatorze juillet or la fête nationale if you're feeling French and fancy)! You don't have to be a Poodle to celebrate this French national holiday. We'd all love to hop a plane and picnic at the Eiffel Tower, but if your celebrations are keeping you a little more local, here's a couple of adorably French themed books! Amusez-vous! more
The Making of Viral Pet Photos

The Making of Viral Pet Photos

Category: Dog Life
Pete Thorne sort of fell into photographing pets. “I’ve always loved dogs and really wanted one of my own one day,” he recollects. “But I was living in a small apartment and had roommates, so the time wasn’t right.” What he did have was a small studio. He needed small subjects. more
Puppy Party

DIY Craft: How to Throw a Puppy Party

Category: Play
Have a special birthday coming up? Want to celebrate a special holiday with your pooch by your side? Need an excuse to drink champagne before midday? Time to throw a puppy party! You can even use the dog cake recipe to make a masterpiece. The great thing about a dog lover’s meet up is you get to meet likeminded people and your pup gets to play with other doggos to their heart’s content. more
New Kids on the Block

New Kids on the Block

Category: Dog Life
Ever wonder how many breeds are recognized by the American Kennel Club? 187. Aren’t canines wonderfully diverse? There’s a dog for everyone. Get to know these three breeds newly recognized by the AKC. One just might be the dog for you! more
Star Dog

Dying Bulldog Pulls Through, Wins Photo Contest

Category: Inspire
When Nita Pickering received a photo of an ailing Bulldog puppy, she was all in. “It was love at first sight,” recalls the Yuma, Arizona resident. more


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