charlie brown

My Charlie Brown

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For my whole life, until 10 years ago, I never had a dog. I had been attacked by a dog as a kid—Maybe ‘attacked’ is too strong of a word, but when you are learning how to ride a bike on a gravel road at your parents’ cabin and a half blind St. Bernard comes running towards you and takes you down, ‘attack’ is the word that seems to describe the drama. more
How I Met My Dog

How I Met My Dog

Category: Inspire
It was early December when I got the phone call about a Pit Bull whose owner had died of a drug overdose. The caller, a concerned neighbour, had heard I was sympathetic to the breed and that I might be able to help them, being that I am an animal communicator. If the dog didn’t get moved quickly she would be put to sleep. more
Dominant Dog Behavior

Is The Dog In Charge?

Category: Dog Training
Could you have Dominant Dog Behavior issues? Are you beginning to think your relationship is one-sided? Sure, you tend to spoil your dog. But perhaps lately you’re starting to feel like your dog wears the pants in your partnership. Do you need to worry that your dog is trying to be the“dominant” dog? more
Smile of the Day: Adorably Awkward Dogs

Smile of the Day

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Don't mind me, just tasting the rainbow. Photo: Top Image: more
Is Your Dog a Water Dog?

Is Your Dog a Water Dog?

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What's your dog's summer personality type? Are they a Party Pup, Adventure Pooch, Water Dog or City Hound? Take our Hello Summer Quiz to see what type of summer adventures best suit your dog.    Here's our recommended products for all the Water Dogs out there! more


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