Dogs and Chocolate

Dog Ate Chocolate? Here's What to Watch For

Category: Nutrition
Chocolate is toxic to dogs. If your dog ate chocolate, look out for these symptoms, especially this symptom that warrants an immediate trip to the vet.    Signs of Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs include: more
Unflattering Dog Photos

Hilarious #UnflatteringDogPhotoChallenge Will Bring a Much Needed Smile to Your Face

Category: Dog Life
Our dogs usually can find a way to make us laugh every single day and being able to capture those moments is priceless. Dog people everywhere will find this new internet challenge absolutely hilarious! Whether we are out for a walk or simply relaxing at home with our pups, we are constantly taking photos of them to keep a record of their cute canine antics and for sharing on our social media profiles, but not every photo will turn out as we intended! Dog owners are sharing funny and "unflattering" photos of their dogs and puppies on social media using #UnflatteringDogPhotoChallenge. more
Help Your Dog Adjust To Alone Time

5 Ways to Help Your Dog Adjust To Alone Time

Category: Dog Training
During the COVID-19 quarantine, your best canine buddy probably got used to you being home all day. While you dealt with stress, fear, and confusion as to what day of the week it was, your dog was overjoyed to have you around day in and day out.  more
Crickets For Dinner

Crickets For Dinner?

Category: Nutrition
What if you could help save the environment while feeding your dog? Turns out you can. Anne Carlson, a leader in the pet industry who has worked with Fortune 500s and start-ups alike, got interested in alternative protein sources as a way to address climate change.  more

DIY Eat Super-Simple Froyo or Pupsicle Recipes for Dogs!

Category: Play
Banana Froyo or Pupsicles Ingredients *Choose organic ingredients whenever possible. 2 bananas, the riper the better more


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