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To Crop, or not to Crop?

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Science shows people are judging you by your dog: a new study demonstrates that docking a dog's tail or cropping his ears alters public perception—not just of the dog, but of the owner too more
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Dying Bulldog Pulls Through, Wins Photo Contest

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When Nita Pickering received a photo of an ailing Bulldog puppy, she was all in. “It was love at first sight,” recalls the Yuma, Arizona resident. more

What To Do If Your Dog is Bitten by a Snake

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According to the ASPCA, there may be more than 100,000 venomous snakebites that occur in dogs and cats every year. more

The Beauty Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

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Beasley the Beagle is a gentle and sensitive spirit. Rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri, it took time, love, and patience to coax the timid girl out of her shell. But the effort this took has been repaid thrice over: “Beasley has never met a dog or person that she doesn’t love. Even neighbours' cats come over to snuggle up,” says Beasley’s adopter Rhonda Zabinsky. So when Zabinsky recently learned that thousands of Beagles just like Beasley are being held in laboratories and used in animal testing across the world, she was horrified. more

Dog Decoder

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Types of Barks: 1. Sound the alarm - A rapid string of two to four barks with pauses between is the most common form of barking. It means, roughly, “There’s something going on that should be checked out.” Continuous barking at a lower pitch and slower suggests the dog senses an imminent problem. It means “Danger is very close. Get ready to defend yourself!” more


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