Westminster: Meet The New Breeds

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This year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will feature three breeds competing for the first time at the prestigious show. Get to know these three newbies in advance of the televised canine spectacular so you can cheer them on and impress your friends. This year’s show is 2,800 dogs and runs February 11, 13, and 14. more
New Year's Resolutions

9 New Year's Resolutions Inspired by Dogs

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1. Treat Yourself—Take some time give yourself something special.  Photographer Christian Vieler captures dogs going in for a treat—see more here!   more

The Best Dog Treats

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Clean Teeth Without Anesthesia!

Clean Teeth Without Anesthesia!

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K9 Gentle Dental offers anesthesia-free canine dental cleanings. Certified in Pet First Aid, every K9 Gentle Dental practitioner is recruited for their past experiences working with dogs and has completed training based on the only state-accredited, academically recognized anesthesia-free dental training program, putting both you and your pup at ease as they remove tartar build up and gently polish teeth. From $200, more

The Scent of Emotions

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I remember once listening to a lecture delivered by a clinical psychologist about how to cure a person’s fear of dogs (technically called cynophobia). During the question period that followed, a person from the audience asked, “Isn’t treating a fear of dogs complicated by the phobic person’s reaction to dogs? It’s my understanding that dogs can ‘smell fear’ on a person, and the scent triggers an aggressive response in the dog. If so, the individual’s phobia would be strengthened because their fearful scent would generate a hostile response in any dog they encountered.” more


Dog of the Week!

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