What’s It Like to be a Professional Animal Photographer?

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At-home Solution to Arthritis Joint Pain, Wound Healing, & More

At-home Solution to Arthritis Joint Pain, Wound Healing, & More

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Veterinarians across North America use laser therapy daily to speed post-operative healing, reduce inflammation, and relieve arthritic joint pain without drugs. Imagine if you could take advantage of this powerful science in your own home to ease your dog's chronic pain and speed healing! Well, now you can. The medical laser experts at Multi Radiance Medical have introduced a new initiative, Rent My Pet Laser, which allows pet owners to rent their highly effective, safe, and pocket-sized TQ Solo lasers directly and affordably from a veterinarian. more
H2 Human Supplements for your dogs

Are Pet Supplements Good for Your Dog?

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{ SPONSORED } In partnership with Zumalka   With the industry growth of pet supplements worldwide and more veterinarians recommending pet supplements to complement a healthy lifestyle, it's no wonder we see more energetic animals living longer. While more pet foods are starting to include more vitamins and minerals, your dog may benefit from additional support administered as a pill or liquid to their daily meals. more

Huskies: The “Close-talking” Telemarketers of the Dog World

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At least once a week I have the same interaction with a fellow dog owner: they yell from a distance, “ARE YOUR HUSKIES FRIENDLY?” Then I freeze, and depending on my mood or read on the situation, I answer accordingly. “YES!” “No…” “…ummm, maybe the three of them are a little overwhelming for your one dog?” more

DIY Eat: Delicious Dog Food Toppers

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Easy To Make Dog Food Toppers for Your Pet! Is your dog a picky eater? Are you trying to encourage an under-the-weather dog to eat more? Or are you interested in homemade dog food but not quite ready to make all your dog’s meals? These simple and healthy meal dog food toppers are nutrient packed, a cinch to make, and will have your dog diving into her dinner.     more


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