Dog tilting his head

Does Your Dog Tilt His Head?

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Ah, the head-tilt, one of dogdom’s most endearing, adorable habits—and, it turns out, a sign of intelligence. In a recent study published in Animal Cognition, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, researchers from Eotvos Lorand University posited that the canine head-tilt indicated the processing of “relevant, meaningful stimuli.” Think: a dog hearing a word and recalling its meaning, be it a favourite toy or activity. more
Matt Nelson of WeRateDogs and Doug, the Senior German Shepherd he adopted

15/10 A Very Good Boy

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Through his devoted following, Matt Nelson of WeRateDogs has raised over $2 million to help dogs in need. He’s keeping the feel-good vibes flowing with his own philanthropic organization, the 15/10 Foundation. more
How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Barking?

How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Barking?

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Do you sometimes think your dog just likes the sound of his own voice? While some breeds are naturally prone to barking (the Cairn Terrier and the Chihuahua are two examples), there is often a reason why your dog is being so noisy. more

6 Research-Backed Reasons to Sleep with Your Dog

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best dog food delivery

The Disruptors

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When Alex Jarrell’s Australian Shepherd Harlee became ill with a weakened immune system, Alex tried just about every kind of traditional medical treatment to make her beloved pup well again, with little success. Finally, her veterinarian suggested trying a fresh food diet, balanced by a veterinary nutritionist. Alex was astounded when she saw Harlee’s condition drastically improve. more


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