Fun Finds to Get You and Your Dog Outside

Fun Finds to Get You and Your Dog Outside

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{Editor’s Pick} We love these gorgeous, hand-dyed ombré rope collars from Forever Mootsy ($33)! Not only are they beautiful (check out the array of lovely colours), they’re made using traditional nautical techniques, making them extra-durable!    more

Why Does My Dog...?

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Q Why Does My Dog Lick Me? more

No Old Dog Deserves to Die Alone

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Of all the dogs languishing in shelters, the ones that really break our hearts are the oldies—the sweet seniors found as strays or dropped off at animal control when their care becomes too burdensome or costly. Their grey faces and clouded eyes seem to beseech: what have I done to deserve this? Facing reduced adoption prospects, many simply don’t make it out. more
Smell Power!

8 Fun Scent Games Your Dog Will Love

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Pet Talk: Household Toxicities

Pet Talk: Household Toxicities

Category: Health
Although we may be extra-cautious when using household cleaners, automotive products, or pest control products in our homes and gardens, it may come as a surprise that the tasty morsel we just dropped while preparing dinner could endanger our best friend. more


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