Dogs Can Read That Smile On Your Face

Dogs Can Read That Smile On Your Face

Category: Health
When you and I look at a photograph of a human face, we can easily recognize the emotional state of the person pictured by their expression alone. Fascinatingly, it turns out, dogs can do the same. more
CBD  +  Dogs

CBD + Dogs

Category: Health
The use of CBD for pets has gone mainstream—and it’s a huge business. Grandview Research estimates the 2022 global CBD pet market size at $195.98 million USD. But does CBD do all it is purported to do? There’s a growing body of research looking specifically at CBD and canines, and the results are encouraging, especially for arthritic pain, itchiness, anxiety, and cancer. more
Barking Dogs Teaser

Best 5 Dog Barks to Deter Burglars

Category: Breeds
Burglars confess that they are most likely to avoid a home that has a dog*, but which breed has the most effective bark? more
Look What We Found!

Look What We Found!—Summer 2017

Category: Dog Life
  We know it's tough to make our pups any cuter, but this Fetching Apparel bandana ($7) featuring Jeffrey the smiley rescue dog does the job. And with 40% off the proceeds going to animal rescue organizations and spay/neuter programs to help combat animal homelessness, we feel good, too!   more

The Dr. Dolittle of Pet Prosthetics

Category: Inspire
When a veterinarian, desperate for help, brought a chocolate Lab to the human prosthetics and orthotics clinic where Derrick Campana worked 12 years ago, Derrick’s life was changed forever.  The dog, named Charles, needed a prosthetic leg due to a rare congenital deformity called ectrodactyly, which causes limbs to form abnormally. Serving animals was something Derrick had never considered, but he forged ahead nonetheless. After successfully creating a prosthetic leg on the first try, Derrick had a lightbulb moment.  more


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