Why You Should Be Concerned About Your Dog’s Dental Health

Category: Health
Despite the fact that periodontal disease affects an incredible 80 percent of all dogs by three years of age, many of us neglect our dog’s dental health. But know this: the health of your dogs’ mouth directly affects their quality of life, behaviour, and even the length of their life.  more

Home Is Where The Dog Is

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Make mealtime more comfortable for your pooch with the Dexas Adjustable Feeder with stainless steel bowls. The legs allow you to adjust the height and the bowls are removable for easy cleaning. ($50, or more

Doggy Décor—Spring 2017

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This Floral Lounger Bed from Pup IQ (From $150) is Modern Dog office pup Penny’s new favourite spot for a mid-day snooze and her preferred place to curl up in at night. Made with durable, beautiful fabric and hand sewn with Smart Kevlar thread, this is style and comfort designed to last. more
Man walking his dogs in nature

The Final Chapter

Category: Dog Life
If you’ve managed to dodge all the pitfalls of young canine health conditions and are lucky enough to experience the golden years with your dog, you understand the complexity of them. more
Look What We Found

Look What We Found

Category: Dog Life
Add some attention-getting fun to your dog's look! Snap-In's huge range of super-cute, handmade dog bows and collar additions snap on, making them super-easy to attach and switch up (from $5).   more


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