Titer Testing

Worried about vaccines?

Category: Health
Patti Thomas had no reason to believe that her one-year-old Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix, Jasper, wasn’t healthy.  She was doing all the right things. He’d had an updated vaccine in November 2014. Shortly afterwards, the Rumford, ME resident noticed that Jasper was passing dark urine. Always cautious, Patti called the vet, who took a urine sample.  more

CBD to the Rescue

Category: Health
Products containing Cannabidiol (CBD) are being reported to help dogs with problems ranging from anxiety to canine cancer. Here’s how to give it a try. more

A Tired Dog is a Good Dog

Category: Dog Life
Issues with obesity, destructive behaviour, separation anxiety, excessive barking, attention-seeking, leash pulling, and many other undesirable behaviours often have the same root cause: your dog just isn’t getting enough exercise. more

DIY Eat: Delish Dog Treats You Can Make at Home!

Category: Dog Life
Beef, Pumpkin & Quinoa Burgers These treats are quick and easy to make and are a great choice if your pup has sensitivities to gluten and common grains. Quinoa is technically a seed, not a true grain, and it’s not used in most pet foods. Makes 12 to 18 burgers. more
traveling with dogs

Top Tips For Traveling With Your Dogs

Category: Travel
Thinking about traveling with your dogs? Taking your dog with you on your next trek can make the trip more fun whilst also reducing your worries about leaving them with a sitter or at a kennel. All you need to do is be prepared and plan carefully. Keep these expert tips in mind before you head off on your next adventure with your dog! more


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