Hiking With Your Dog

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When I'm preparing to go on a hike, my canine companions are always at my side, ready for an adventure. While I slip into worn hiking shoes and pack enough water for the trek, my dogs Callisto and Asta watch me with tails wagging, all eager anticipation. more
Kids + Dogs

Kids and Dogs

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Q: Kids and Dogs! My family will soon be adopting a year-old, medium-sized marvelous mutt from the shelter. We have a seven-year-old daughter and a five-year-old son. What should we teach the kids to ensure that we will become one big happy family with our new dog? more
Fetch a Coffee

Fetch a Coffee That Helps Dogs In Need!

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Dog-loving coffee nerds rejoice! Fetch Coffee Roasters gets you. Fetch is owned by people who love and know coffee—and dogs. “Few things are better than that first sip of coffee in the morning,”  their website states. “And with your dog snuggled by your side, you have the perfect start to your day.” more

Commonly Confused Breeds: The Russian Toy Terrier VS The Chihuahua

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You could be forgiven for confusing the Russian Toy Terrier for his better-known cousin, the Chihuahua. Marked by diminutive size (up to six and a half pounds) and large bat ears, the breed resembles the Chihuahua and is still rare in the United States—there are currently just 775 Russian Toys in the U.S. But with the AKC newly recognizing the breed as of 2022, the Russian Toy and its fanciers are bracing for greater recognition. more

Tiny Dog Stories

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Family Mantra My husband named him Gunter, not after Gunter Grass, the Nobel Prize-winning novelist, but a Springfield, MA bakery. more


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