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“We take the pet out of petrified,” says Dr. Marty Becker, a slogan that has become a rallying cry among enlightened vets.  Dr. Becker has been a veterinarian for almost four decades, a fulfilment of his childhood dream—he wanted to be a vet from the age of six. He’s owned part or all of eight veterinary hospitals in three states and has been known almost his entire career for celebrating, protecting, and nurturing the human-animal bond. more

5 Supplements You Should Give Your Dog

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Baby Talk to Your Dog

Chances Are You Baby-Talk to Your Dog... But Does He Care?

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When I walked into the room I heard a woman speaking to someone. She was saying "You are so adorable! Yes you are! You are. You are so sweet that you make sugar seem sour. Don't you? Don't you?" She had pitched her voice quite high and was delivering the words in a melodious rhythm. Before I even turned to look at her, I knew that she was speaking to either a baby or a dog. When I did look in her direction I saw that she was holding a cream-coloured Pomeranian to whom this outpouring of affection was directed. more

How A Rescued Pit Bull Saved Laura Morgillo's Life

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Dog greetings Gone Wrong

Dog greetings Gone Wrong

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No one seems to know how to greet a dog anymore. Every time I see a person gleefully crouch down to someone's whale-eyed, tail-down Lab mix or puffed-up Jack Russell, look them in the eye, then reach out a quavering hand, I want to scream. What is up with this? When did we lose the aptitude to greet dogs? I want to talk about this, not only from a practical standpoint, but from a cultural perspective—what it means about us, and our dogs.  more


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