Dogs like you’ve never seen them before!

Dogs like you’ve never seen them before!

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Action, adventure, and dogs are set to come together in Superpower Dogs, an immersive, giant screen family adventure set to hit theatres late 2017. Chronicling the lives of real-life super dogs and their human companions, this documentary will be presented in IMAX and 3D. Using specially designed camera equipment alongside visceral CGI, it will allow audiences to experience the world as never before: through the eyes, ears and nose of a dog. more
Cold Noses, Warm Hearts

The Best Dating Websites & Apps for Dog Lovers

Category: Dog Life
So, you’ve tried regular dating sites like Plenty of Fish and and eyed doggie parks looking for the perfect match, but ruff luck. It’s not easy to find a soul mate who is also compatible with your dog—or maybe your dog is compatible and you aren’t.  If it’s a deal breaker when your prospective partner doesn’t dig dogs, don’t give up—there are online dating sites and apps geared to dog owners/lovers, each having different templates and algorithms to help you find “the one.”   more
Puppy in crate

Crate Crying: What to do if Your Puppy Cries in Their Crate

Category: Dog Training
Does your puppy cry in her crate? Here are 10 tips to help your puppy learn the crate is a safe and happy place.  more

Canine Massage Therapy

Category: Health
Canine massage therapy has very real benefits, from improving circulation to aiding recovery. You can harness these perks through simple massage techniques you can do at home.  more
5 Reasons Why Senior Dogs Make Great Pets

5 Reasons Why Senior Dogs Make Great Pets

Category: Dog Life
1) You don't need to suffer through housetraining. For those who have forgotten, puppies are a lot of work. Most senior dogs (dogs are generally considered seniors once they’re over seven years old) aren’t strays; they have been members of someone’s family and, as such, are housetrained and know basic commands. You have an instant friend minus months of training, one who already knows how to walk on lead and won’t chew your shoes. more


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