Pet Talk: How To Prepare For Your Pet’s Death

Pet Talk: How To Prepare For Your Pet’s Death

Category: Health
For many of us, the connection we share with companion animals extends beyond just friendly company; our pets are considered a part of the family. The truly unique love between an owner and their pet is something one has to experience to understand. Although a pet may be a very loved and important family member, it is important to be sensitive and aware of your pet’s needs as they age. more

“COVID Dogs” in Training to Detect Virus

Category: Dog Training
Can specially-trained dogs sniff out COVID-19 in humans before symptoms appear? That’s what researchers in the United Kingdom want to find out. more
2018's Best Dog Movies

2018's Best Dog Movies

Category: Dog Life
In Hollywood, it was most certainly Year of the Dog, with a tremendous array of dog-centered movies in the offering. Here are five you don’t want to miss—grab the “pup”corn and curl up for a movie watching marathon.  *Popcorn is a great, healthy treat to share with your dog, just hold the salt.   more

Must Have Décor For Your Dog-loving Household

Category: Dog Life
{Editor’s Choice} Howly’s Peach Perfect dog bed (From $220) is a must-have for the design obsessed dog lover. With its space-conscious, modern, beautifully minimal design and comfy cushion (thoughtfully waterproof for life’s little accidents), this unique den-like bed is as gorgeous as it is practical!  more
Smile of the Day: Adorably Awkward Dogs

Smile of the Day

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As long as I stay very, VERY still, it probably won't notice me... Photo: Top Image:   more


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