Dominant Dog Behavior

Is The Dog In Charge?

Category: Dog Training
Could you have Dominant Dog Behavior issues? Are you beginning to think your relationship is one-sided? Sure, you tend to spoil your dog. But perhaps lately you’re starting to feel like your dog wears the pants in your partnership. Do you need to worry that your dog is trying to be the“dominant” dog? more

Hiking With Your Dog

Category: Dog Life
When I'm preparing to go on a hike, my canine companions are always at my side, ready for an adventure. While I slip into worn hiking shoes and pack enough water for the trek, my dogs Callisto and Asta watch me with tails wagging, all eager anticipation. more

Third-grader Invents Revolutionary Dog Dryer

Category: Dog Life
All dog people are familiar with the trial and tribulations of the dreaded B-word: Bath Time. If wiggling, whining, and water everywhere weren’t enough to make you throw in the towel, next comes attempting to dry off a soaking wet dog. more
best dog food delivery

The Disruptors

Category: Nutrition
When Alex Jarrell’s Australian Shepherd Harlee became ill with a weakened immune system, Alex tried just about every kind of traditional medical treatment to make her beloved pup well again, with little success. Finally, her veterinarian suggested trying a fresh food diet, balanced by a veterinary nutritionist. Alex was astounded when she saw Harlee’s condition drastically improve. more
4 Amazing Charities

4 Amazing Charities Helping Dogs and People

Category: Inspire
1. Grey Muzzle: Second chances for senior dogs dumped at shelters more


Dog of the Week!

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