Baby, It's Cold Outside

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A dog hoodie? Yes please! Help your pup rock his best style with this cozy Bones Dog Hoodie ($30) from Pethaus. Ultra-comfy, this hoodie comes in sizes to fit Chihuahuas all the way up to smaller Huskies and looks pawsome when strutting down the street. more

Never Give Up

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One of my favourite activities happens once a year, on the day after Labor Day. The local pool opens up to local dogs before it closes for the season. I love it because she loves it. more
That Adventure Life

That Adventure Life

Category: Travel
In December 2016, Jordan Kahana was cruising down the highway in Arizona on his way to the Grand Canyon when he was forced to nearly drive off the road by what looked like two black dots. Jordan pulled over to discover those black splotches on the road were in fact a pair of eight-month-old puppies. Jordan took in the adorable “hitchhikers” and Adventure Squad was born! more

Turn Any Pic of Your Pup Into a Custom Stuffed Animal!

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How cute is this? Petsies makes custom plush stuffed animals of your dog—or cat, horse, pet rat—even chickens! All you do is provide a photo and they’ll create a custom-made stuffed animal in your pet’s exact likeness! Hand-made and hand-sewn, the unique, adorable, super-huggable results are something you’ll cherish forever. They come in two styles and are just $129 to $149. more
DIY Natural Bugspray Collar

DIY Natural Bugspray Collar

Category: Dog Life
Natural Bugspray Collar A bandana or collar made with natural fibers 8–10 drops of a natural oil with bug-repelling properties, like cedar, geranium or lavender 2 tbsp. of water Dilute the essential oil with a few tablespoons of water. more


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