Cross-Eyed Husky Finds Her Happy Ending

Category: Dog Life
"Doesn't anyone want a funny-looking Husky?" Cross-eyed pup finds forever home after two year wait. more
Smiles Guaranteed

Smiles Guaranteed!

Category: Play
    Free kisses! more
Dogs Give New Leash on Life To Abandoned Cemetery

Dogs Give New Leash on Life To Abandoned Cemetery

Category: Inspire
It’s a place where the living mingle with the dead, and dog owners and their pups are vying to get in. This remarkable spot is Washington D.C.’s Historic Congressional Cemetery (HCC), and it’s anything but frightening. In fact, the cemetery—the final resting place of many noteworthy Washingtonians, from congressmen to lauded LGBTQ soldiers and veterans—is arguably one of the country’s liveliest and most famous cemeteries. The cornerstone of its successful transformation? more

Home Alone

Category: Dog Training
A reader recently wrote, “Help! My dog barks when I’m not at home, and my neighbours are losing patience. I need a solution, fast!” more
Littermate Syndrome

Littermate Syndrome

Category: Dog Training
An older gentleman attended one of my group classes with his two Siberian huskies. The nine-year-old siblings were smart and attentive, but whenever I walked the female a mere five feet away to work on leash skills, the male would panic. He’d cry, shriek, and try frantically to follow. The two had been together all of their lives and had never been separated, even temporarily. As you might imagine, this had caused problems in a variety of situations. more


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