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Make Fido sing for his supper and have a great time doing it with The Odin treat dispensing puzzle toy. This soft yet durable non-toxic rubber toy is designed to make your dog figure out how to get at those treats, keeping him moving AND his brain sharp! $23, more

All the Reasons Your Dog Barks

Category: Dog Training
I recently saw two German Shepherds at a dog park who were running the fence with two little terriers who were on the other side. Then I noticed that the Shepherds were both wearing shock collars. When I politely asked their owner why, she replied, “Because they bark when they run, and it bothers people.” Talk about shock—I was flabbergasted. Dogs bark; that’s what they do. Expecting a dog not to bark while he’s playing is tantamount to expecting young children to keep quiet while they’re racing around with their friends: it just ain’t gonna happen! more


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The Ontario SPCA’s No Hot Pets program aims to spread the word that leaving your dog unattended in a car can quickly turn deadly. Hot cars kill, and it can happen far faster than you’d think. Parked cars can quickly reach deadly temperatures, even on relatively mild days with the car parked in the shade and the windows slightly open.  more

DIY Craft: 5-Minute Project-Make Your Dog An Adorable Fleece Scarf

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Is there much cuter than a dog in a scarf? This super-easy craft is quick and simple, yielding stylish results that far outstrip the effort involved. Your dog and his new scarf will definitely put a smile on the faces of those you pass on your dog walks. It’s a fun project for kids to help with, too! What You'll Need: • Fleece • Scissors • Measuring Tape more
The New Kids on the Block:

The New Kids on the Block:

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Say bonjour to the Barbet and hola to the Dogo Argentino! These two breeds are the newest to be recognized by the American Kennel Club, gaining full recognition and competition eligibility as of January 1, 2020.  more


Dog of the Week!

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