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This August 11 - 13, handlers from all over North America and their Border Collies will flock to Kingston, Ontario for the 30th annual Kingston Sheep Dog Trials Festival. The competition is Canada's biggest sheep dog trial and the largest in North America, drawing over 7000 spectators for the three-day festival. Taking place on the banks of the beautiful St. Lawrence River, it involves 680 sheep and four days of qualifying trials, leading to a final 20 competitors competing over three days. more
Pet Talk: Intervertebral Disc Disease In Dogs

Pet Talk: Intervertebral Disc Disease In Dogs

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Shock absorption between our bones is essential to perform normal physical activities. Just like humans, dogs can injure their bones and their joints, making every day mobility a challenge. In intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) the intervertebral discs, or cushions in between the bones of the spine, can degenerate from an injury or as dogs age. more
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Modern Dog's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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Sage submitted by Anna Chaplin Alfie submitted by Heather more
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Vet Advice with Dr. Liz Bales - Itchy Last Straw

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