Animal Champion

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Marc Ching is what many would call the ultimate champion of animals, rescuing dogs and cats from terrible conditions and disastrous situations and circumstances around the world. But, no matter how disturbing his eye-witness stories may be, he implores us not to look away, because, he says, that is the only way we will bring about change. more

Is Your Dog Overweight?

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If you are spending more time at home, you  are getting to enjoy more togetherness with your dog. For some of us, that means more walks and play time. It might also mean more table scraps and snacking together. Has your dog gotten a little plump? You are not alone. This extra weight on your dog might not seem like a big deal, but it's actually dangerous, and causes health problems ranging from diabetes to arthritis and painful joints. Studies show that overweight dogs live a shorter life. more

Puppy Love!

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Lola submitted by Sandra Cerrato Johnson   more

Get Your Own Robotic Dog For Just $2899.99

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After a 12-year hiatus, Sony has brought back aibo, its robotic puppy. Tech-loving dog people can score one for a cool $2899.99. Powered by A.I. and cutting-edge robotics, this robot pup learns and responds to its human family. It will get to know its name over time, respond to you when called, and develop a unique, evolving personality based on your interactions with it. The high-tech dog will even form “an emotional bond with members of the household,” states Sony. more
15 Signs Your Dog is in Pain

15 Signs Your Dog is in Pain

Category: Health
After reading the excellent Dr. Petty’s Pain Relief for Dogs, by Dr. Mike Petty, a “pain vet” working with cutting-edge research to help relieve canine pain, there were standout parts we just had to share with you, namely: age should never be used as an excuse for an animal in pain; our pets feel as much or more pain than we do; and there is a treatment out there for every dog. more


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