How Dogs Grieve

How Dogs Grieve

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Ethel the Chihuahua was dying. She’d suffered from an autoimmune disorder, which had been controlled by medication, for years. But the medication had stopped working, and the vet told Ethel’s owner, Alison Lee Carruthers, that there was nothing left to do. “My heart was broken,” Alison remembers. In 2013, the New York City fashion merchandiser made the decision to euthanize her beloved pet and long-time companion.  more

Soft Rock To Reggae—Dogs Shown To Have Musical Taste

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I dropped by the office of a colleague of mine to pick up a book that she wanted me to read. Her office was different than most others in the university since she had an antique oak desk instead of the more modern university issue, and she insisted on soft tungsten lighting instead of using the built-in florescent light fixtures. However, the most distinctive thing about her office was the fact that music was continually playing at a low volume from two compact speakers on her bookshelf. more
I Invented That!

I Invented That!

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Like many kids who grew up before the Internet, Dr. Nick Hill either played outdoors or built stuff indoors with his Meccano set and Lego. “I also took things apart to see how they worked but they didn’t always get put back together,” says Nick, laughing. At age 12 he built a Lego mechanical dog that walked across the living room floor. “My mum remembers that dog. Little did we know that it might have been my calling.” Fast forward about three decades. Nick was working at a design agency called NXT on product development when they incorporated Lego into a prototype. more

5 Supplements You Should Give Your Dog

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Professional Dog Trainer

Tales From a Professional Dog Trainer

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Learn The Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer! The magnetic Tom Shelby is not only a lifelong dog trainer (and former Westminster Dog Show handler) with a specialty in Search and Rescue dogs, but a master storyteller too. more