Pet Talk: Household Toxicities

Pet Talk: Household Toxicities

Category: Health
Although we may be extra-cautious when using household cleaners, automotive products, or pest control products in our homes and gardens, it may come as a surprise that the tasty morsel we just dropped while preparing dinner could endanger our best friend. more
Know Your Breeds

Is the Labrador Retriever or the Chesapeake Bay Retriever for you?

Category: Breeds
    The Labrador Retriever Outgoing, spirited, affectionate family dog more

Why We Love Dogs

Category: Dog Life
I have a friend, Barbara, who has been involved with dogs—as a breeder and a competitor in conformation and dog obedience trials—all of her life. Her parents were also very much involved in dog breeding and competition, and her daughter, Cindy, too, is active in the dog world. Compare this to my colleague, Paul, who has never had a dog, nor has ever had any desire to have one. Paul's parents also never had a dog. His son, Derek, who is now married and in his mid-twenties, also does not have a dog and has no wish for one in the future. more

Dogs Meet Sprinklers

Category: Dog Life
Digi submitted by Heather Sample Swaney Emmie submitted by Julia Morrow Pandora & Bear submitted by Tammy Liscio more

Café With a Doggone Good Cause

Category: Inspire
Elementary school teacher Katey Hartsock legitimately did not intend to adopt an animal when she surprised her husband with a visit to a new dog rescue and lounge in Washington State.  But of course, that’s exactly what ended up happening. “One of my coworkers got tickets for her birthday but couldn't make it. When we pulled up my husband said, ‘Katey we are not going to get a dog, don’t even start.’” more


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