Adventure Sqaud

Meet Adventure Squad!

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In December 2016, Jordan Kahana was cruising down the highway in Arizona on the way to the Grand Canyon when he was forced to drive off the road by two black dots. Those black dots ended up being two 8 month old puppies! Jordan took the adorable “hitchhikers” in and Adventure Squad was born! more
Therapy dogs

The Therapist Has Four Legs

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Before Rodney Kaufman hit his mid-twenties, life was going according to plan. He had been studying to become a chef at top-notch Cordon Bleu culinary schools in London and Paris. Upon returning to Toronto, Ontario, he worked at a couple of high-end restaurants before opening a fine dining establishment, Avant Garde Bistro and Wine Bar, in the Yorkville area of Toronto. more
dosing cbd for dog

Thinking About Giving Your Dog CBD?

Category: Health
It’s hard to deny the growing acceptance of CBD as an effective way to help our dogs with pain, anxiety, and seizures; however, with CBD’s surge in popularity, there’s growing confusion on the right CBD dosage for dogs. more
Going Public

Going Public

Category: Inspire
Adopt-a-dog events in unexpected venues—hotels, coffee shops—are not only a smash hit, they’re incredibly successful in finding forever homes for homeless pups.   more
A Dog Treat Recipe For Fresh Breath

A Dog Treat Recipe For Fresh Breath

Category: Nutrition
INGREDIENTS {Note: Organic is best whenever possible} more


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