Can Dogs Be Right or Left-Pawed?

Category: Dog Life
Just like people, dogs have a dominant paw. To determine which is your dog’s preferred paw, simply observe him for a while. Wait for your dog to paw at you, scratch the door, shake a hand, or retrieve at a toy from under the couch, and a preference should emerge. more
Victory for Greyhounds!

Victory for Greyhounds!

Category: NewsBite
Commercial Greyhound racing will be banned in Florida by 2020. This past November, Florida residents overwhelmingly voted to end Greyhound racing in their state. The initiative to phase out the so-called sport by 2020 passed easily with 69 percent of voters in favour.     more
Dog’s Dying Wish

Mailman Fulfills Dog’s Dying Wish

Category: Inspire
When Gretchen the German Shepherd was rescued by the Cimino family in 2013, they were worried about her wariness of anyone who wasn’t part of the family. But that all changed when postal worker Fernando Barboza started taking the time to make Gretchen feel comfortable.  more
Bernie's Perfect Poop

Good Dog Gut Health: There’s More To Your Dog’s Poop Than Meets The Eye

Category: Dog Life
In partnership with Bernie's Perfect Poop more
Do We Crate Too Much

Do We Crate Too Much?

Category: Dog Training
Crates are a normal part of life for many North American dogs, often used during potty training and even through adulthood when guardians are at work. But did you know in some parts of Europe crating dogs in the home is actually illegal? more


Dog of the Week!

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