Mine! How to Deal With a Dog That Guards

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Your precious angel just growled at you for the first time. He snagged a sock from your laundry pile and dashed under the bed. You reached under to get it and he growled. You reached again, and he snapped at you! He didn’t bite, but it’s clear he thinks the sock is a prize worth holding onto. Your dog is resource guarding. Some dogs guard their food bowls. Some guard bones or toys. Some even guard crazy things, like rocks. On occasion, they will guard a person. Some dogs only get cranky with other dogs.  more
the shed factor

The Shed Factor

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How much time you have to spend grooming your dog/cleaning up dog hair is a very real consideration when considering a breed match. Just ask Google—“breeds that don’t shed” is a common search query. So we asked Giselle Castro of the American Kennel Club (AKC) for her rundown of the top 10 breeds that shed the least—and 10 that shed a lot. But as you’ll see, low shedding doesn’t necessarily mean low maintenance!  Top 10 Breeds That Shed the Least: more
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If Your Dog Eats Grass (Do This Everyday)

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If you have dogs, this could be relevant to you. According to Dr. Gary Richter, one of the world's top veterinarians, "canine health, here in America and around the world, is nowhere near where it should be," says Dr. Richter. "And the #1 cause is one thing: Nutrition." According to Richter, some breeds — such as Golden Retrievers — have seen their average lifespans cut nearly in half over the past 30 years. more
Help Anxious Dog

Experts Say Plan Now, Offer Tips to Prepare for Your Dog's Potential Separation Anxiety

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Planning now before you return to work or school from a COVID-19 hiatus can help deal with potential separation anxiety, according to behavior experts at Best Friends Animal Society.  more

Look What We Found!

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Keep your dog’s long ears out of his food with a Buster IncrediBowl ($15)! This innovatively designed food dish has a narrower opening that allows your dog’s snout to enter, but keeps his ears comfortably out of the bowl. The genius result? A tidier dinnertime and a dog that doesn't smell like his dinner! more