Pet Talk: Protect Your Pets From Coyotes And Other Wild Animals

Pet Talk: Protect Your Pets From Coyotes And Other Wild Animals

Category: Health
Although most wild animals mind their business and don’t bother humans, some wild animals, such as coyotes, can wander into human environments and cause harm to pets.  more

Soft Rock To Reggae—Dogs Shown To Have Musical Taste

Category: Dog Life
I dropped by the office of a colleague of mine to pick up a book that she wanted me to read. Her office was different than most others in the university since she had an antique oak desk instead of the more modern university issue, and she insisted on soft tungsten lighting instead of using the built-in florescent light fixtures. However, the most distinctive thing about her office was the fact that music was continually playing at a low volume from two compact speakers on her bookshelf. more

Can Dogs Be Right or Left-Pawed?

Category: Dog Life
Just like people, dogs have a dominant paw. To determine which is your dog’s preferred paw, simply observe him for a while. Wait for your dog to paw at you, scratch the door, shake a hand, or retrieve at a toy from under the couch, and a preference should emerge. more
Love This! The Majority Project

Love This! The Majority Project

Category: Inspire
We are the majority There are millions of Pit Bull owners across North America who live peaceful lives with their beloved family pets. Families like these are the rule, not the exception.  more

Sara Carson & Her Super Collies

Category: Dog Training
There are dogs who do tricks—and then there’s Sara Carson’s Super Collies. Following a successful run on America’s Got Talent (with a fifth place finish), appearances on The Late Show With David Letterman, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Canadian-born trainer and her furry brood have shot to stardom in the show-dog world. more


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