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Is your dog suddenly scratching like crazy, perhaps even keeping you up at night? If his scratching is bothering you, imagine how terrible your dog must feel! If your dog is incessantly scratching, biting, and licking, perhaps even wounding himself in the process, you have a problem on your hands—and you’re not alone. The second most common reason for vet visits is skin problems (#1 is gastric/diarrhea issues). more
Problem Solving Makes Dogs Happy

Eureaka! Problem Solving Makes Dogs Happy

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The Creepy Crawlies: Fleas & Ticks

The Creepy Crawlies: Fleas & Ticks

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Fleas prefer certain hosts, but they’re not picky. The dog flea (that would be ctenocephalicles canis) is just as happy to chow down on your ankles if that’s what is available. Fleas can cause an allergic reaction called allergy dermatitis in some dogs and humans. Flea allergy dermatitis in dogs is characterized by severe itching—signs include constant scratching, chewing, licking, and whining. As few as one or two flea bites a week can cause a reaction, and symptoms will often persist for a while even after some form of flea control has been used. more
Summer Fun

Summer Fun!

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Got a bad case of fetch-elbow? Give your arm a break and your dog a good time with the GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launcher ($140). This awesome fetch machine lets you set the speed and distance of the balls so all you have to do is watch! Now available in Junior for smaller breeds.   more


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