Let It Snow!

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Cash submitted by Kathy Kleeberg Ocho submitted by Kim Fowler Vega submitted by Julia Morrow more


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Is your dog suddenly scratching like crazy, perhaps even keeping you up at night? If his scratching is bothering you, imagine how terrible your dog must feel! If your dog is incessantly scratching, biting, and licking, perhaps even wounding himself in the process, you have a problem on your hands—and you’re not alone. The second most common reason for vet visits is skin problems (#1 is gastric/diarrhea issues). more
Teach Your Dog to Wink

Teach Your Dog To Wink!

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Dr. Caroline Coile's specialty is "dogs, dogs, dogs!" Her Ph.D. was based in canine senses, genetics, and behaviour, and she writes extensively on veterinary, genetics, senses, and other science topics. But that doesn't mean she's not about fun! more
Rescue Relay Teaser

The Amazing Rescue Relay

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When I found myself smitten with Bodie, an Australian Shepherd cross available for adoption on, I was downcast to learn that Heartstrings Animal Advocates (HAA), the rescue organization that had him in their foster care program, was in Kansas, over 1,500 miles away from my northern Nevada home. Since many rescues only adopt pets to homes within a small local radius, I figured I didn't have a chance of getting Bodie. more
How Smart is Your Dog?

How Smart is Your Dog?

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You only go to the vet maybe once a year for those regular check-ups and booster shots, but, sure enough, whenever you get within five blocks of the vet's office, your dog starts whining, panting, and looking anxious. Does she really remember from year to year the exact route you drive to get there? more


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