The Best Exercise For Your Dog’s Breed

The Best Exercise For Your Dog’s Breed

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Most breeds were bred to do something specific, be it ferret out critters (the Dachshund, for one), round up sheep (most famously, the Border Collie) or retrieve fallen birds (retrievers of all ilk). Fulfill your dog’s instinctual breed-based needs to satisfy an ingrained desire to perform certain behaviours by trying out one of the activities below. High-energy dogs in particular will benefit by engaging in exercises that fulfill the needs of their breed.   more

East Coast vs. West Coast

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Could the Pug or the Papillon be the Breed for You?

Could the Pug or the Papillon be the Breed for You?

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The Papillon Social Butterfly The elegant and extroverted Papillon could not have a more fitting name. The name “Papillon,” French for butterfly, is actually a reference to the breed’s distinctive widespread, wing-like ears, but it could equally well refer to the breed’s gregarious personality. more
best dog breeder near me

Are You Looking for The "Best Dog Breeder Near Me"?

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Have you been on the the lookout for the best dog breeder near me? Before you pick a dog breeder read this first! Your co-worker tells you about the puppy she's getting and inwardly you cringe—you're pretty sure that the pup is not coming from a responsible breeder. But how do you know for sure? And what should you tell your friends, family, and co-workers to look out for?  more

Modern Dog's Puppy Essentials Guide!

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We’ve saved you the research by sharing our favourite new puppy picks for everything from beds to food, collars, toys and more, all tested and approved by the Modern Dog team and their pups, so you can get back to more important things, like snuggling your new puppy. more


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