Whatever It Takes

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When you're racing 700 kilometers through the jungles and mountains of South America, the last thing you need is a stray dog tagging along. But that's exactly what happened to Mikael Lindnord, captain of a Swedish adventure racing team, when he threw a scruffy but dignified mongrel a meatball one afternoon. more

Land of the Strays

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Volunteer José Rojas shares a quiet moment with his beloved dog Franco, who suffers from narcolepsy, as rain clouds begin to roll in during the late morning. Photo by Dan Giannopoulos more

Pandemic Pups: Adopted Dogs Offer A Furry Support System

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When 81-year-old Manhattanite Jane Isay met her potential new pet on a cold winter’s day mid-pandemic, it was love at first sight. She sat on a bench in Central Park and the graceful Poodle ambled over and poked her head under Isay’s knee. Within a couple of days Tiffany (Tiffy for short), was hers. “She is just the sweetest thing,” says Isay. “I love her.” more
Best CBD Dog Treats for Pain & Anxiety

Best CBD Dog Treats for Pain & Anxiety: Top Hemp Brands (2021 Review)

Category: Health
Featured photo Aleksandr Kravtsov/ In Partnership with Buzz PR   There’s an evident demand for high-quality CBD products for dogs. In the last few years, CBD has garnered a lot of attention thanks to its therapeutic versatility and potential medicinal applications. more

How Stella Learned To Talk

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Doggone amazing: Speech-language pathologist Christina Hunger taught her dog Stella to communicate using the same method she uses to teach children to learn and speak words. Using a custom soundboard, Stella pushes buttons to form phrases up to five words in length. For example, upon hearing a noise outside, an excited Stella put together “Look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look! Come outside!” forming perhaps the most dog-like sentence ever. more