How to be Flea and Tick-free

Category: Health
For your dog’s wellbeing and happiness, it’s extremely important to keep him free from parasites such as fleas and ticks, which can pose serious health risks to your pet. Fleas and ticks feed off the host animal’s blood—in this case, your dog—transferring dangerous microorganisms, which can cause Lyme disease (a tissue disease) or Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Anaplasmosis (both infections of the blood), among others. more

The Perfect Leash For Controlled Walks

Category: Dog Life
Modern Dog team member Mariah’s large Shepherd, Maverick, needs very controlled walks—normal leashes always leave too much slack to deal with. more

How to Remove a Tick in 5 Steps

Category: Dog Life
Step 1:  Hold your dog still, part the fur, and take a close look. You want to make sure what you're looking at is actually a tick! Well meaning dog owners have tried to remove warts, skin tags, cysts, and even nipples thinking they were ticks. Needless to say, this does not go over well with the dog. Ticks are usually a grey or tan-brown colour. Look from the side and see if you can see legs where the tick attaches to your dog's body. more
How to Stop Your Dog From Digging

How to Stop Your Dog From Digging

Category: Dog Training
If I had a dollar for every time a training client said they wanted their dog to stop digging, well, you know the rest. Suffice to say it involves yours truly, white sandy beaches and tropical drinks. This is clearly a problem that plagues many a dog lover. Really, it’s not so much that we want our dogs to stop digging; we just want them to stop digging in inconvenient places, like that lovely bed of roses we worked so hard to grow. more
Know Your Breeds

Is the Labrador Retriever or the Chesapeake Bay Retriever for you?

Category: Breeds
    The Labrador Retriever Outgoing, spirited, affectionate family dog more


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