These Cuties Helped Raise a Million Dollars!

These Cuties Helped Raise a Million Dollars!

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To dog-lovers, dogs aren’t just pets, they’re family. So when canine cancer claims a victim, a whole family suffers. One in four dogs will battle this disease in their lifetime, with half of them dying long before their time—if that’s not a daunting and depressing statistic, we don’t know what is. But the Orvis Company, a family-owned retail and mail-order business specializing in high-end outdoor goods, was spurred to action. more
Holiday Dog Grooming

Holiday Dog Grooming Prep and Techniques

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The holidays are approaching so it’s time to put your best paw forward for friends and family! Our friends at ConairPro Dog & Cat have come up with some simple holiday dog grooming tips, made easy with their Grooming Starter Kit, to make sure your pup is looking his best amidst the crazy holiday prep.  more
Stressed dog? Depressed dog? Play may be the answer

Dog Depression! Is Play the Medicine Your Dog Needs?

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Is dog depression real? Max seemed to be having a bad time over the past couple of weeks. He had lost his appetite, was not eating or drinking the way he normally did and thus, was losing weight quickly. He seemed to be lethargic, and spent a lot more time than usual sleeping. When he was awake, he seemed nervous, edgy, and common events seemed to worry him. None of the usual activities that normally made him happy seemed to interest him. more
Add Some Rescue Dog Cuteness To Your Insta Feed!

Add Some Rescue Dog Cuteness To Your Insta Feed!

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Ever wondered what it would be like to adopt three large rescue dogs while living in the heart of the city? Boston-based Jenna Donleavy is living it, and documents the inevitable hilarity and chaos on her Instagram account, @Knox_and_Bear. These pups know exactly how to have a good time and be totally adorable while doing so! Whether it's birthday parties, Vermont getaways, bathing or simply snoozing, Jenna and her packs' adventurous spirit shines through. more
world animal protection

This Holiday Season Can Go To The Dogs!

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The holiday season is in full swing and there’s no better time to give something back to an animal that does so much for us, the dog. They can play such different roles in our lives. From detecting seizures, or sniffing out bombs to just keeping us company as our beloved pets.                                               more


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