Know Your Terriers

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The Rat Terrier more

Sweet Therapy

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   Brandi & Linda Breuer  Volunteer at: Seniors’ facilities more
How to Stop your Dog's Attention-seeking Behaviours

How to Stop your Dog's Attention-Seeking Behaviours

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Let’s assess this situation. You recently rescued an adorable Lab mix from your local shelter. You decide to call him Spud. Spud is goofy, energetic, and lovable. People stop you on the street to comment on how ruggedly handsome he is. You soak it all in, feeling fabulous when you tell them Spud is a rescue dog. more
How to Soothe Your Dog's Achy Joints

How to Soothe Your Dog's Achy Joints

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Does your dog no longer bound up the steps? Does he appear stiff in the morning or perhaps even limps? If so, there’s a good chance your dog has arthritis, also called osteoarthritis or degenerative bone disease. The Arthritis Founadation conservatively reports one in five dogs suffer from this chronic joint pain condition. The good news is there are ways you can make your dog more comfortable. more
The National Dog Show (Presented by Purina)

The National Dog Show (Presented by Purina)

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The National Dog Show, now in its 17th year, has become a part of Thanksgiving Day traditions in homes across America, captivating viewer’s attention for two hours (noon– 2 p.m. in all time zones) between the Macy’s Parade and football. With families home together on that one special day of the year, everyone is rooting for their favorite breed of dog to triumph over all in a nod to that canine sitting next to them on the couch. more


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