The Most Important Thing You Can Teach Your Dog

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When you read this article’s title, what came to mind? Was it “Don’t bite people,” or perhaps “Get along with other dogs,” or even “Don’t potty in the house?” True, those are all incredibly important things to teach any dog. But on a less dramatic note, for day-to-day living the most important thing you can teach your dog is how to ask politely for what he wants. more

Let It Snow!

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How A Rescued Pit Bull Saved Laura Morgillo's Life

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Why Are Dogs So Friendly? Science Now Has An Answer

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Early last fall, while wildfires were ravaging the state of California, a colleague, who is a clinical psychologist, had dropped by my home to help coordinate my participation in a fundraising effort to try to rescue some dogs that had become homeless because of the conflagration. She sat down on a window seat while I went into the kitchen to get her a cup of coffee. While I did so I paused for a moment to let my dogs in from the backyard. Quite predictably, they immediately ran to greet her. more
4 Ways to Help Animals this Holiday Season

4 Ways to Help Animals this Holiday Season

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1. Adopt, Don’t Shop Make adoption your first option this holiday season! Avoid buying anything from pet stores that sell puppies because most of them come from puppy mills. Instead, search for local adoptable animals. more


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