Teach Your Dog to Wink

Teach Your Dog To Wink!

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Dr. Caroline Coile's specialty is "dogs, dogs, dogs!" Her Ph.D. was based in canine senses, genetics, and behaviour, and she writes extensively on veterinary, genetics, senses, and other science topics. But that doesn't mean she's not about fun! more


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The Ontario SPCA’s No Hot Pets program aims to spread the word that leaving your dog unattended in a car can quickly turn deadly. Hot cars kill, and it can happen far faster than you’d think. Parked cars can quickly reach deadly temperatures, even on relatively mild days with the car parked in the shade and the windows slightly open.  more
American Humane Association Partners with Modern Dog

Love Animals As Much As We Do?

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Love animals as much as we do? Subscribe to Modern Dog for yourself or a friend today and we'll donate $6 to American Humane Association on your behalf. more
dog cake recipe

Easy Dog Cake Recipe: Peanut Butter & Banana Pup-Cakes!

Category: Nutrition
Easy Dog Cake Recipe - Peanut Butter & Banana Yields: 15-18 cupcakes or two 4-inch round cakes. more

5 Ways to Prevent Separation Anxiety

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Many of us unwittingly foster separation anxiety in our dogs. Here’s how you can modify your own behaviour to cultivate a healthy sense of security in your dog. more


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