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Types of Barks: 1. Sound the alarm - A rapid string of two to four barks with pauses between is the most common form of barking. It means, roughly, “There’s something going on that should be checked out.” Continuous barking at a lower pitch and slower suggests the dog senses an imminent problem. It means “Danger is very close. Get ready to defend yourself!” more
New Animal-Only Crowding Site Funds Pet Projects

New Animal-Only Crowding Site Funds Pet Projects

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A new crowdfunding site solely dedicated to animal welfare projects is harnessing the power of social media to bring much-needed cash to worthy animal projects., the first “animal-only” crowdfunding site, supports all species, from family pets to farm animals. The initiative was created by pet blogger Darcy Wintonyk, who wanted to create a space to easily bring together animal lovers with worthy animal causes that need a hand financially to succeed. more
Tips and Tricks for Energetic Dogs Teaser.

The Fix: How To Tire Out a High Energy Dog

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“My energetic dog is driving me crazy! How can I tire my dog out?” I often hear this from my clients when their young dogs hit adolescence. Your lovely puppy—the one who used to sleep through the night with a quick walk around the block twice in a day—has suddenly turned into an exercise-consuming monster! It can often feel like we just can’t tire our dogs out. If your couch cuddle buddy is racing around your living room like a Tasmanian Devil, here’s what to do: more
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Heiro for Dogs Will Get Your Dog Back To Peak Health!

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Get your dog back to peak health faster with Heiro for Dogs. This veterinarian-developed, 100% all natural supplement is a blend of herbs designed to help safely and naturally restore your dog to best health. more

Is the Schnauzer or the French Bulldog right for you?

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The Schnauzer Intelligent, loyal, and active, all three Schnauzers are attention getters more


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