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Who You Gonna Call? Pet Psychic!

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Have you ever wanted to have a conversation with your pet? What if your dog could actually talk to you? Well perhaps he can, via a pet psychic. When Victoria Marks’s Schipperke puppy went missing, she didn’t waste any time. “Right away I called pet psychic Shira Plotzker. She said Freddy would come home when he wants and he wasn’t far away,” says Victoria from Chandler, AZ. more
Fun Finds to Get You and Your Dog Outside

Fun Finds to Get You and Your Dog Outside

Category: Dog Life
{Editor’s Pick} We love these gorgeous, hand-dyed ombré rope collars from Forever Mootsy ($33)! Not only are they beautiful (check out the array of lovely colours), they’re made using traditional nautical techniques, making them extra-durable!    more
Dogs help teens

Why Your Teenager Needs A Dog

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Teens face a lot of judgement, both from critiquing adults and stock-taking peers alike. Who's not levying judgement or criticism? The family dog. Dr. Andy Roark, a veterinarian in Greenville, S.C., and the father of tween daughters, often thinks about “social media and adolescence and young girls—about affirmation and the withholding of affirmation,” reports The New York Times. As Dr. more
Bentley and Lacey

Two-Year-Old Adopts Shelter Dog With Same Birth Defect: “They instantly loved each other”

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When Brandon and Ashley Boyers discovered Lacey, a black and white puppy with a congenital birth defect, at the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Jackson, MI, they knew she would be the perfect companion for their two-year-old son, Bentley. Like their toddler, the puppy had been born with a cleft lip. Brandon was visiting the shelter when he realized one of the puppies had something in common with his son. more
Problem Solving Makes Dogs Happy

Eureaka! Problem Solving Makes Dogs Happy

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What's in this article?  more


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