The Solution To Your Dog’s Marking and Accidents

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Does your dog have incontinence issues or a seemingly intractable marking problem? Whether your dog is spot marking, not house trained yet, or experiencing bladder issues, Pet Parent's dog wraps contain the mess, keeping both your house and your dog clean and dry! more
Look What We Found!

Look What We Found!—Summer 2017

Category: Dog Life
  We know it's tough to make our pups any cuter, but this Fetching Apparel bandana ($7) featuring Jeffrey the smiley rescue dog does the job. And with 40% off the proceeds going to animal rescue organizations and spay/neuter programs to help combat animal homelessness, we feel good, too!   more
Canine Faux Pas:

Canine Faux Pas: The Top 5 Things Dog-People Do Wrong

Category: Dog Training
Are you guilty of making these mistakes with your dog? We asked Mikkel Becker, a certified trainer and behaviour consultant and head trainer for Fear Free Pets ( and for the top five mistakes she sees dog-people make. She happily shared her nix list. more
American Humane Association Partners with Modern Dog

Love Animals As Much As We Do?

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Love animals as much as we do? Subscribe to Modern Dog for yourself or a friend today and we'll donate $6 to American Humane Association on your behalf. more

February is Pet Dental Health Month!

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Scary stat: 80% of dogs have some form of periodontal disease by the age of three Did you know periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition even though it's completely preventable? Taking care of your dog’s teeth is a huge part in ensuring overall good health. Dental disease can not only damage your dog’s teeth and gums, but his internal organs as well. more


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