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Westminster Week Trivia and Watch Party Tips

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The 144th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is in full swing in New York City! The top dogs from around the world are there to compete in their respective agility, obedience, and conformation events over the next four days. Westminster has such a rich history and is one of the most anticipated and prestigious dog sporting events of the year!  more
10 of the Laziest Dog Breeds

10 of the Laziest Dog Breeds

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Looking for a canine companion with low to moderate exercise needs? These 10 breeds fit the bill! We asked AKC Executive Secretary and dog breed expert Gina DiNardo for the 10 “laziest” dog breeds. She complied but was sure to specify that “these aren’t lazy dogs. They just don’t need as much exercise as other breeds. Dog breeds have differing activity levels. Just because a breed has a lower activity level than another doesn’t mean they’re lazy—it means they require less exercise to meet their needs. more
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Cold Weather Skin and Coat Health

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In some ways, it’s a lot easier to feel freedom during the winter. The trails are less crowded, and much of nature is fast asleep.   more

Third-grader Invents Revolutionary Dog Dryer

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All dog people are familiar with the trial and tribulations of the dreaded B-word: Bath Time. If wiggling, whining, and water everywhere weren’t enough to make you throw in the towel, next comes attempting to dry off a soaking wet dog. more

Saving the Endangered African Wild Dog

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While most of us are still snuggled in bed at 4 am with our dogs nearby, Marumo Nene is travelling across a South African park to track dogs from a distance. While our home office space is limited to four walls, her “workspace” spans over 960 kilometres. more


Dog of the Week!

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