How to Properly Bathe Your Dog

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30 years ago, John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, revolutionized the professional salon industry by banning animal testing for his line of hair products. But he didn’t stop there. Next, John Paul took his in-depth expertise in hair and skin care formulations and love of animals and applied himself to researching new standards for pet grooming, ultimately creating the John Paul Pet line shampoos, conditioners, sprays and pet wipes (motto: “tested on humans first”). more
19 Dog Gestures

19 Dog Gestures and What They Mean

Category: Dog Training
Dogs read our gestures, like pointing, better than any other animal. Neither wolves nor chimpanzees follow our gestures as well as dogs. But are we equally adept at reading our dogs’ gestures?  more
Archaeologist’s Best Friend

Dogs, an Archaeologist’s Best Friend

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As improbable as it might seem, archaeologists are demonstrating dogs can detect human remains that are thousands of years old. I was having some coffee on campus when a colleague from the Anthropology Department sat down beside me. “I think I have something here that may amuse you,” she said as she rummaged through her oversized handbag, pulled out an iPad, and a moment later showed me the image on its screen. more
How to Prevent Obesity In Pets

How to Prevent Obesity In Pets

Category: Health
Like humans, pets can become obese and develop excess body fat, which can lead to serious health problems, such as diabetes or degenerative joint disease. In order to provide your furry best friend with the highest quality of life and increase their life span, be sure to follow these simple steps to prevent your pet from becoming obese. more
Experienced Dog People

Breeds Best For Experienced Dog People, Plus Perfect Matches For Newbie Pet Parents

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“No matter if you’re a new dog owner or someone who has owned dogs your whole life, it’s always important to do your research before adding a dog to your home to make sure that breed’s needs fit in with your lifestyle,” says Gina DiNardo, Executive Secretary of the American Kennel Club (AKC). “Consider size, activity level, grooming needs, and temperament, among other things.” more


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