What Your Dog Can Tell By Smell

What Your Dog Can Tell By Smell

Category: Health
Has your dog ever given you a thorough once over after you’ve returned home smelling of another dog? Are you unwittingly wearing certain fragrances that repel dogs? (More about that later.) Scientists say dogs can smell 10,000 to 100,000 times more acutely than us. Given this, they most certainly care what we smell like—and they can tell a whole lot by our scent. more
Las Vegas

Dog-Friendly Las Vegas

Category: Travel
Forget the dog sitter, these five dog-friendly Las Vegas hotels make it easy and fun to bring your dog along! Modern Dog teamed up with Expedia to find the top 5 dog-friendly Las Vegas hotels. From welcome gifts and special dog menus to a canine concierge who will check in on your pup, a Vegas weekend away has never been more fun. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas more

Going To The Dogs: What It’s Like To Be A Hollywood Dog Trainer

Category: Dog Life
If you think training your own dog is difficult, think about how hard it would be to train dozens of pooches at the same time. That’s the daily reality for Mark Forbes, one of Hollywood’s most respected animal trainers, and the man responsible for the canine actors in A Dog’s Purpose. Besides the four main dogs showcased in the film, there were three other “supporting canines,” and also puppy versions of each character. more
A Dog Trainer's Must-Do's!

10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Dog’s Life!

Category: Dog Training
We asked Mikkel Becker, a certified trainer and behaviour consultant and head trainer for Fear Free Pets ( and for her top 10 things you can do in your home to improve your dog’s life and general happiness. more

Dog Saves 18-Year-Old From Rattlesnake: "My heart just dropped"

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Alex Loredo was just doing chores when he had the scare of his life. The 18 year old was headed to the separate laundry room to pick up the clothes from the dryer when he heard a familiar, frightening sound. A rattlesnake lay waiting beneath a table, aiming to strike. more


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