Family Matters

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I was at a gathering of emeritus faculty members at my university, and a small group of us were standing around drinking coffee and nibbling on cookies while discussing matters that were neither political, philosophical nor earthshaking. At one point during the conversation one of my colleagues took the opportunity to pose a question. She said, "I'm going to visit my dog's breeder this weekend and my husband and I were debating whether Siegfried [her Labrador Retriever] will remember his mother, Ashley. more

Huskies, Happiness, & a Return to Health

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Rescue Caravan

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The devotion, the kindred spirits, the Southern hospitality, the PUPPIES! Looking for an experience of a lifetime? Join Animal Aid USA’s mission to help Georgian rescue dogs more
Why Is My Dog Vomiting?

Why Is My Dog Vomiting?

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When Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Share the Couch

Dog Training Tip!

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It’s been a long work day and you’re finally home. You change clothes and head wearily to the couch to watch your favourite television show. But surprise! Your dog is already there, happily lounging in your spot. You ask him to get down. He doesn’t move. You ask again. Nothing. Finally, you grab his collar. Suddenly, you discover just how white your dog’s teeth are—he’s showing them to you, and if there was a thought-bubble, it would read, “I don’t think so!” What are you to do?  more


Dog of the Week!

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