Woman sleeping dreaming of dogs

Dog Dreams

Category: Health
  Q: What do dreams about pets mean? A: When a pet from your past or present features in your dream, your unconscious is reflecting your feelings for that companion, be it affection and comfort or regret and loss. Your dream is signalling that these feelings are ones you really need to deal with or integrate into your waking life. more

Let them eat bugs

Category: Nutrition
New cricket treats for dogs are not only tasty, they’re an excellent protein source and great for the environment as well! more
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The Queen’s Dogs

Category: Celeb
Queen Elizabeth II was a notoriously private person and not prone to public displays of affection. The longest-reigning monarch knew her role wasn’t to display emotion, so she rarely did. A notable exception? Elizabeth was clearly enchanted by her dogs and couldn’t help but laugh and smile around them. more

Preorder your popcorn...

Category: Dog Life
As huge Wes Anderson fans—where does one begin: The Royal Tennenbaums, Rushmore, Grand Budapest Hotel?—we positively can’t wait for the director’s newest offering, a dog-centered stop-motion film called Isle of Dogs. Akin to The Fantastic Mr. more
Foster a Dog

Save a Life, Foster a Dog!

Category: Dog Life
Have you ever thought to yourself that you might like to foster a rescue dog but didn't know where to get started? Well, Alison Eastwood, actress, director, daughter of Clint Eastwood, and founder of non-profit animal welfare organization Eastwood Ranch Foundation, is here to help. The accomplished animal lover has just launched, a website that connects rescue groups and animal shelters with a U.S.-wide network of potential pet fosters and transporters like you! more


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