Is Your Dog Manipulating You?

Is Your Dog Manipulating You?

Category: Dog Life
Soko, a German Shepherd, is ball obsessed. Mojo, her Malmute-mix housemate, enjoys taking Soko’s ball, placing it in the middle of the floor, and then lying down and looking at her as if to say, “Go ahead. Make my day.” Soko, being smaller and non-confrontational, will suddenly prick up her ears as though she hears something outside. She’ll spring up and dart out the dog door, with Mojo hot on her heels. That accomplished, she’ll immediately race back inside and grab the ball. more
Do We Crate Too Much

Do We Crate Too Much?

Category: Dog Training
Crates are a normal part of life for many North American dogs, often used during potty training and even through adulthood when guardians are at work. But did you know in some parts of Europe crating dogs in the home is actually illegal? more

Lawn Chemicals Linked To Two Cancers

Category: Health
A gorgeous green lawn is irresistible, particularly to pets. But is it harming your dog? A study by the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at Purdue University compared environmental exposure histories of two groups of 83 Scottish Terriers and found that the dogs exposed to lawns treated with common garden and lawn pesticides and herbicides were seven times more likely to develop bladder cancer. more
Eating Grass-Thumb

Grass Eating: is it something to worry about?

Category: Health
It’s a common sight for most dog-owners—Fido chowing down on the nearest clump of grass, happy as a pig in mud. While it may be an alarming sight, watching your pup destroy and digest your lawn, dogs eating grass is quite common (it has even been observed in wild dogs!) and most veterinarians consider it perfectly normal dog behaviour. In fact, grass is the most commonly eaten plant by dogs. more

Know Your Terriers

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The Rat Terrier more


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