5 Steps to Speedy Recall Even at a Distance!

5 Steps to Speedy Recall Even at a Distance!

Category: Dog Training
Step 1 Buy a whistle. Our choice? A dog whistle from Acme Whistle specialists, makers of whistles since 1870. A dog’s hearing range is far greater than ours and is far more sensitive to high frequency sounds. more
When Dogs Fly

When Dogs Fly

Category: Dog Life
If BASE jumping with a dog doesn't sound like a crazy idea, then nothing does. But this is exactly what 42-year-old American adventurer Dean Potter not only conceived of but actually does with his four-year-old, 22-pound Australian Cattle Dog, Whisper, strapped to his back. more

Sniff Walk

Category: Inspire
Walking should be fun for you and your dog, it’s an opportunity to explore the world together. Walks are, of course, great physical exercise for dogs (and us) but they also have the opportunity to be enriching. Unfortunately, in our busy world with cell phones and work schedules and errands that need to be run, sometimes walking the dog becomes just another chore, and the focus becomes getting from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sniffing is natural to our dogs; it’s their most dominant sense and is stress relieving. more

DIY Eat: Turkey & Sweet Potato Pie for Pups

Category: Nutrition
Cranberries, which contain vitamin C, manganese, and fiber, to help fight urinary tract infections. more

Netflix & Woof: Pets Beat People as Preferred Netflix Binging Companions

Category: Dog Life
Our love for our pets has reached epic heights—special pet taxi services in Mumbai, paid leave in Italy when your dog is sick, emotional support miniature horses in Canada—so it should come as no surprise that our four-legged and even two-legged furry friends have infiltrated our entertainment habits as well. According to a new survey released by Netflix, when it comes to watching TV, four out of five members have watched Netflix with their pet, and the majority (61%) find pets to be the best binge partner, beating out parents, romantic partners, friends, and kids. more


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