The Single Thing That’s Ruining Most of Your Dog Photos

Category: Dog Life
Get ready to wow your friends and family with super-cute dog pics! We up your photo taking game with five easy ways to greatly improve your photos more
Flower Power: Pit Bulls of the Revolution

Flower Power: Pit Bulls of the Revolution

Category: Inspire
We simply could not be more taken with this project. Photographer and rescue volunteer Sophie Gamand’s new photographic series is not just lovely, it has a lofty goal at its core: to recast public perception of bully breeds. That it makes one smile in the process is, to us, a sure harbinger of its success. more
Don't forget your dog

Returning to the office? Don't forget your dog

Category: Dog Training
Separation anxiety in dogs can be caused by a sudden change in the schedule, a move to a new house or the sudden absence of a family member, whether it’s a divorce, a death in the family or even an owner who is going back to work post-covid. If your dog has separation issues, there are some things you can do: First, be proactive. Before you have to go back to work: more

Get Your Own Robotic Dog For Just $2899.99

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After a 12-year hiatus, Sony has brought back aibo, its robotic puppy. Tech-loving dog people can score one for a cool $2899.99. Powered by A.I. and cutting-edge robotics, this robot pup learns and responds to its human family. It will get to know its name over time, respond to you when called, and develop a unique, evolving personality based on your interactions with it. The high-tech dog will even form “an emotional bond with members of the household,” states Sony. more
Pot For Pets

What You Need To Know About Pot For Pets

Category: Health
Don't be surprised if you notice a certain calm settling over the dog park on your next visits. Suddenly, that holy terror terrier is feeling much better about himself. Fido has found his chill. That could be because cannabis-based products are now flooding the canine market. more


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