Never Give Up

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One of my favourite activities happens once a year, on the day after Labor Day. The local pool opens up to local dogs before it closes for the season. I love it because she loves it. more
How to Use Touch Therapy to Heal Your Dog

How to Use Touch Therapy to Heal Your Dog

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Energy work is easy and it can change your life. This may seem like an “out there” statement to some but if you think of how your mood, i.e. the energy you’re emitting, affects your day and those around you, you’ll recognize the truth of this statement. Having a bad day, a storm cloud over your head? Chances are you’ll experience upset after upset: someone cuts you off, you stub your toe, spill your coffee, have heated words with a co-worker, step in dog poo. Why? The energy you’re giving off is simply creating more of the same for you. more
How to Stop Your Dog From Digging

How to Stop Your Dog From Digging

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If I had a dollar for every time a training client said they wanted their dog to stop digging, well, you know the rest. Suffice to say it involves yours truly, white sandy beaches and tropical drinks. This is clearly a problem that plagues many a dog lover. Really, it’s not so much that we want our dogs to stop digging; we just want them to stop digging in inconvenient places, like that lovely bed of roses we worked so hard to grow. more

Can Dogs Be Right or Left-Pawed?

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Just like people, dogs have a dominant paw. To determine which is your dog’s preferred paw, simply observe him for a while. Wait for your dog to paw at you, scratch the door, shake a hand, or retrieve at a toy from under the couch, and a preference should emerge. more
Spotify Will Generate a Playlist For Your Dog!

Spotify Will Generate a Playlist For Your Dog!

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Do you play music for your dog? The music streaming service Spotify just released a way to create an algorithmically generated playlist to enjoy with your dog—or cat, iguana, hamster or bird.  more


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