Happiness Boosters

8 Proven Happiness Boosters

Category: Inspire
#1 Get out in nature with your dog. Spending just five minutes in nature can quickly improve your mood—even if it’s just five minutes spent sitting in an urban park, researchers from the University of Regina found after conducting two studies. more
Is CBD Right For Your Dog?

Is CBD Right For Your Dog?

Category: Health
Senior dogs crippled by sore joints, pups with cancer diagnoses… Increasingly, pet owners are turning to CBD to help their dogs and are reporting remarkable results. Online, through your local dispensary, at pet stores—CBD is suddenly everywhere. Here’s why. more
Nail Trim

Tips and Tools for an At-Home Pawdicure

Category: Dog Life
While nail trimming can be a daunting task, healthy nails is a vital part to maintaining your favourite furry friends’ health. The key to having a positive nail trimming experience for both you and your pet is by making sure you have the best tool for the job. CONAIRPRO dog & cat walks you through the tips and tools for keeping your pet’s nails trimmed, polished and healthy.  more
Meet the Newbies

Meet the Newbies

Category: Dog Life
Get to know these four breeds newly recognized by the AKC!   more

The Perfect Leash For Controlled Walks

Category: Dog Life
Modern Dog team member Mariah’s large Shepherd, Maverick, needs very controlled walks—normal leashes always leave too much slack to deal with. more


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