Preparing Your Dog for a Baby's Arrival: How to Introduce Your Dog to a New Baby

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During a routine email exchange with my mom last month, six weeks before the due date of my first baby, the wise words of my dog training mentor rang loud and clear for the first time. Ian Dunbar had warned me: “Family and friends rarely see you as a real expert in your field when it comes to their personal lives—so don’t expect them to, and try not to take it personally.” more
Las Vegas

Dog-Friendly Las Vegas

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Forget the dog sitter, these five dog-friendly Las Vegas hotels make it easy and fun to bring your dog along! Modern Dog teamed up with Expedia to find the top 5 dog-friendly Las Vegas hotels. From welcome gifts and special dog menus to a canine concierge who will check in on your pup, a Vegas weekend away has never been more fun. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas more
Four Ways to Stop a Flea Infestation Before it Starts

Four Ways to Stop a Flea Infestation Before it Starts

Category: Health
#1 Regularly groom and bathe your dog with a natural shampoo formulated for dogs. We like Happy Tails all natural, ec0-friendly, cruelty-free Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo perfect for dogs with dry, itchy skin and allergies. #2 Wash your dog's bedding in hot, soapy water once a week. If your dog spends time on a blanket on the sofa, wash that too. more

DNA Test Reveals Breed Mix

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Cass, the marvellous mutt pictured above, and her person, Gabrielle Khan-Chiossone, were the winners of an Embark DNA testing kit (our Facebook Friday Freebies are AWESOME). Gabrielle provided a cheek swab from her dog Cass and we all sat back and eagerly awaited the results. Not only does the Embark DNA test indicate any genetic predispositions to certain diseases, letting you know if your dog is at risk, a carrier or clear, but it reveals the breeds that make up your dog's unique mix! Without further ado, Cass is…. more

One Heart, One Love

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We, like the rest of the world, are heart-sick and horrified by the events of the past week. If you’d like to help but don’t know where to start, this list put together by The Skimm is a great place to start. more


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