Best CBD Dog Treats 2022 – Organic CBD For Pain & Anxiety

CBD Dog Treats
Best CBD Dog Treats 2022 – Organic CBD For Pain & Anxiety
The ultimate guide for the best CBD treats for dogs


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CBD companies are always looking for ways to reach a wider audience. That is why many companies have introduced CBD dog treats so that they can have pet owners, too, as their clients. The biggest question most dog owners would want to know is how CBD can benefit their pets. Well, with proper use, CBD dog treats can help with inflammation, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and more. 

We know that there will be thousands of options available. To avoid confusion, make sure to check out our top five brands below to find high-quality CBD extract treats. Let us see which soft chews you should be buying.

Editor’s Choice

Honest Paws

  • Has solvent-free products 
  • All products are US-made
  • Great customer support

5 Best CBD Dog Treats - Top Brands Reviewed 2022

  1. Honest Paws - Editor’s Choice 
  2. CBDfx - Best for Mobility Treats
  3. HolistaPet - Best for CBD Product Variety 
  4. CBDistillery - Best for Affordable CBD Dog Treats 
  5. Petly CBD - Best for Fast-acting CBD Products 

1. Honest Paws



  • Fast-acting to improve the dog’s health 
  • Great customer support
  • Impressive for supporting the pet’s mobility 


  • You have a limited choice of products

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Most CBD dog treats to claim to do a lot, but how many actually help the dog’s health? Well, Honest Paws is known for having the best treats meant for the dog’s mobility. If the dog has been having mobility issues, then CBD treats can do an amazing job. This is thanks to having additional ingredients for mobility, such as chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine HCL, and hyaluronic acid, in addition to the organic full-spectrum hemp oil. 

Honest Paws would like to assure the pet owners that it uses organic ingredients. These ingredients have existing studies showing how they can help improve the joints of your pet. Of course, the brand also ensures that quality can be trusted. Lab reports show that there are no fillers or contaminants in the product. 

The 30-day money-back guarantee is also quite vital to consider. Those who have tried to get a full refund claim it is easy to do so. Such a supportive customer care team means that you end up with a refund if the need arises. Of course, 30 days should be enough to see if the CBD product works or not. 

2. CBDfx


  • Impressive warranty period
  • Has additional ingredients for efficacy 
  • It sources hemp in the US


  • More potency variety would be better

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CBDfx is the home for CBD dog treats that can help with stress, anxiety, joint health, and mobility. Such variety is vital for those who may want to care better for their pet. Each of the products is carefully made with the right ingredients to make them good at their job. Like the calming soft chews; they have chamomile, valerian root, and passionflower to help the pet get better faster. 

The brand uses broad-spectrum CBD extract in the making of the treats. Since the brand uses hemp sourced in the US, there is no doubt it would be offering high-quality products. The products are also human-grade, soy-free, and vegan. 

There is not much in terms of potency variety. Each product has a specific potency it offers. Nevertheless, the potency is good enough to help with various conditions. This potency is verified since the product is tested by third-party labs. As such, you end up with high-quality CBD products. 

3. HolistaPet


  • Multiple soft chews available 
  • It uses 100% natural ingredients 
  • The products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy-free 


  • Email support often has delays

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The other brand above lacked product variety, but that changes here. You will come across several types of CBD dog treats vital for the health of your pet in every way possible. Such categories include immune care, mobility care, pain relief, and calming chews. If you want naturally-occurring CBD soft chews, now you have several options for consideration. 

Holistapet focuses more on the broad-spectrum CBD extract. Such an organic hemp extract is all about improving the pet’s health without the THC compound. Depending on the type of CBD treat you pick, there can be additional natural ingredients too. Using natural ingredients ensures the proper safety of the pet. 

The bag of treats has up to 30 treats. Based on how you use the treats, expect a bag to last around a month. Also, there are two main flavours available. This includes a blueberry flavour and sweet potato flavour. As such, the pet will generally like the taste of these dog treats. 

4. CBDistillery


  • The brand is US Hemp Authority certified 
  • It uses natural farming practices
  • The hemp oil is non-GMO


  1. Shipping is not the fastest

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CBDistillery is one of the best brands for getting CBD dog treats. The company offers CBD products for mobility, cognition, and one simply for overall wellness. The best part about these soft chews is that they are affordable. You may also come across the discount codes and offers more often from the brand. 

Depending on the product you pick, you will come across both organic full-spectrum hemp extract and broad-spectrum CBD extract. Whichever type of CBD you pick, you will find that each does a good job of improving the pet’s health. The roast beef flavor as part of the product makes the pet enjoy using the treats more often. 

A lot goes into ensuring the products are high quality. One thing that sets it apart from other brands is that it is US Hemp Authority Certified. Such shows it uses the highest quality of hemp plants for its production. These chews are also tested in a third-party lab. Such testing leaves you with verifiable ingredients and potency too. 

5. Petly CBD


  • Each CBD treat is lab-tested
  • It uses organically grown hemp
  • The products are fast-acting 


  • Limited flavour choices

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Here you will come across CBD dog treats with quality ingredients. Expect to find broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract plus some additional ingredients too. All the ingredients of the CBD treat you buy are grain-free, soy-free, and corn-free. As you can see, you will not be at risk of giving your dog something that triggers allergies

It should be noted that these THC-free CBD pet products are formulated in conjunction with veterinarians. As such, the safety of the pets has been paramount from the start to a finished product. There are also third-party lab reports showing how the product is high quality and does not have any contaminants, pesticides, or preservatives. 

These soft chews are suitable for all sizes of dogs. As such, you can pick the CBD pet products regardless of the breed. Just ensure you use the recommended CBD dosage. The product is also made of water-soluble broad-spectrum CBD. This is 5 to 10 times more bioavailable compared to oil-based dog treats. So, expect to see the results faster. 

Do CBD Dog Treats Work?

You may find that CBD products generally can be good for the dog’s health, however, how is the product made? How the brand makes its products would determine its efficacy and if you should consider it for your pet. 

The CBD products would only be great for a dog if they are made at low temperatures. High temperatures like 200 degrees F can easily break down CBD resulting in a product that is less bioavailable. This means the dog would not absorb the CBD effectively and also miss out on the potential benefits. 

Also, there can be dangers in the added ingredients. Take note that not all ingredients added to the CBD extract are good. Some brands even use fillers just to make the product heavier. A little bit of research on these products should help you understand what the ingredients can do and if they will be good for your pet. 

What You Should Look for When Buying CBD for Dogs

Buying CBD for dogs does not need to be hard. At times, we make it hard for ourselves by simply buying what you first see as a recommended option. However, there is more to that. You should always consider a few more parameters for buying the right CBD dog treats. We look at them below;

Brand Reputation

If you are going to buy the best CBD oil for dogs or treats, the overall brand reputation plays a key role in your decision. Brand reputation encompasses many things including how the product is made, the hemp source, overall quality, support team, and so much more. You always have to buy from a brand that can take care of your needs fast and better. 

Reviews would be a nice place to start when trying to understand a brand. If the company gets more positive reviews, it helps you see why it is important to consider it. Also, try to differentiate the real from fake reviews. 

Product Quality

Whenever you are buying CBD products, the overall quality is important. This starts with the source of hemp. The hemp plants need to be from the best farms in the US. Even if it is from another source, it should have a reputation for offering high-quality hemp plants. 

Next would be how the products are made. It makes sense if you can get a brand making its products in cGMP-certified facilities. These facilities are up to code for ensuring the best quality for products. 

As you can see, the quality of these products would be maintained from the hemp plants to the final product. 


You will often come across a Holistapet coupon or an Honest Paws discount code while shopping online. The idea is to lure you to consider buying the products from the brands. However, pricing goes beyond all that. 

It is vital to fully understand what the product offers for the price. Sometimes you find other products having an expensive price tag only not to have the best effects. So, more research on a product helps you only buy the best in the market while at the same time getting value for money. 


Getting variety from one brand is quite vital for you to end up with the right product. A good to consider about variety is how the products are meant to help the pet’s health. That is why you see brands offering CBD treats for inflammation, sleep, calming, and overall wellness. 

Remember that such products often have additional ingredients to make them effective for what the manufacturer claims. A good example is the inclusion of Chamomile in a product claiming to be a calming product. 

If you can get flavour variety also the better. It is always nice to get some peanut butter, bacon, beef, and chicken flavors being used. 


Other than looking for a nice roast beef flavor, lab-testing is another big consideration for your pet’s health. It can be internal lab testing or it could be third-party lab testing. We always recommend looking for third-party testing. At least this shows that a company is open to transparency and scrutiny. 

These lab reports need to be published on the company’s website. This allows potential customers to have an easier time reading them. It can be nice to fully understand what the pet would be ingesting before buying. 

Customer Support

Companies handling pet products need to offer the best customer support too. This is because you may have several inquiries and you do not know where to get help. The customer support team would also help you find the right product depending on what your dog suffers from. 

Other than handling the usual queries from customers, the support team may also handle returns. If the returns are handled faster, you should then end up with refunds faster. 

CBD Research: How CBD can Benefit Dogs

Not just the CBD dog treats but the CBD products generally work great to treat epilepsy, irritable bowel disease, chronic pain, and anxiety. That is why you may get CBD dog treats for joint pain and CBD dog treats for anxiety being sold by the brands above. So, pet parents would easily buy CBD products knowing what each may do for the pet. 

Only a few reliable studies exist on how CBD may affect dogs. An example is a 2018 study that looked into the safety, anti-pain, and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD in dogs. The researchers would use 2 to 8 mg of CBD per kg of the dog’s weight. 

The study found that 80% of the dogs in the study showed an improvement in mobility and pain. Well, this study was funded by a company producing CBD, so some feel the results could also be biased. 

There is a 2019 study to consider. This study found that CBD may be effective in reducing seizures in epileptic dogs. This is when the CBD was used in addition to the dog’s seizure medication. The study authors recommended the need for more testing to make definitive conclusions. 

What Forms Of CBD Are Available For Pets?

CBD for pets is available in several forms. We are talking of options such as treats, creams, and oils. However, right now the efficacy for all these forms in dogs is still scarce. It is why people are often inclined to consider full-spectrum CBD oil or any other CBD oil type as opposed to the best CBD dog treats. However, it mostly depends on the application. There are times when even creams are preferred over oils and dog treats by pet owners. 

A 2018 research by the Colorado State University found that CBD oil was more effective for treating epilepsy than gel capsules or creams. Well, there is the need for more research to finally understand just how good the different forms are good for your pet. 

Where To Buy CBD Dog Treats Near Me?

After understanding what CBD may potentially do for your dog, you may be interested in buying some for your dog. A good example would be buying CBD oil for dogs with arthritis. Other than CBD oil, you can also get CBD dog treats meant for senior dogs known to have joint health issues. To do this, consider buying from online stores. 

All the brands mentioned above will have an online shop. This allows you to buy CBD products with ease and also get variety too. You do not just have to buy CBD for arthritis alone; you can still get other options too. 

The alternative would be buying from a local store in your area. The good thing is that these stores are easily available ever since hemp growing and use was made legal. So, expect to get dog treats for anxiety relief or any other use from a CBD store close to you. Some brands also sell in Walmart and CVS, so give it a try also. 

How Many CBD Treats or Chews Should I Give My Dog?

One of the biggest challenges that pet owners face would be using CBD treats for dogs correctly. We are talking about the proper dosage. Since CBD products are not evaluated and approved by the FDA, sometimes it is hard to fully understand the dosage since there is no standard set up to follow. 

As such, you have to follow the recommended dosage from the brand. Each company would have done its study and figured out what is enough to make the CBD oil treats effective for your pet. 

A study done on dogs with osteoarthritis can help us have an idea of what dosage is good for the pet. The study found that 2mg of CBD per Kg of the weight of the pet can be effective for the condition. As much as this is not the standard dosage, using it can help relieve the pet of various conditions. 

Potential Side Effects of CBD for Dogs

The CBD pet treats may have many potential benefits for your pet, but they can also have potential side effects. A few of the most noted side effects include;

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth 
  • Diarrhea
  • Temporary low blood pressure

As much as there are some side effects, the World Health Organization released a report claiming the CBD has a well-tolerated safety profile. This means the side effects are too common. Sometimes they may occur simply because the user overdosed the pet on CBD. Of course, this could lead to some of the side effects. 


CBD treats and CBD oil for dogs can help the dog have a better life compared to when you do not use them. The potential benefits are many, including anti-inflammatory properties, improving pet heart health, and more. So long as you buy high-quality CBD products, then expect the soft chews to improve the pet’s health. We have provided you with a list of the top brands to consider. Always check them out when buying CBD dog treats for the best quality products

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are CBD treats good for dogs?

The CBD treats can be good for your dog if used correctly. Also, you have to buy from top-rated brands to get high-quality treats that provide the best health benefits to the dog. 

2. Will CBD treats help my dog's anxiety?

You are advised to consider CBD treats clearly marked to help with anxiety. This is because they would have additional ingredients vital for calming your pet and relieving anxiety. 

3. Can a dog have CBD treats daily?

Yes. So long as you can stick to the daily dosage amount, you can use the treats daily. However, take note of the potential side effects. If they are too many, stop using the CBD treats. 

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