Benefits of Goat Milk

Benefits of Goat Milk
Benefits of Goat Milk
Make up for what may be missing in your dog’s dinner by adding in raw goat milk!


Despite North America’s bias toward cow’s milk, one of the most widely consumed milks in the world is from goats. Though still not commonly consumed in the western world, goat milk is slowly gaining in popularity as people recognize its host of nutritional benefits for people and pets. In addition to adding much needed moisture to a kibble diet, it’s rich in omegas and medium chain triglycerides, providing fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. It’s also packed with protein and amino acids with high levels of digestible taurine. Plus, goat milk has much smaller fat globules than cow milk and is lower in lactose, making it easier to digest.

In its raw form, goat milk is full of intact naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, enzymes, antioxidants, electrolytes, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to benefit the health of your dog. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties and the probiotics can improve digestion and help fight the yeast that can grow in and around your dog’s ears and paws!

Want to give it a try? Primal Pet Foods makes a raw goat milk especially for dogs, enriched with superfood supplements like turmeric (anti-inflammatory properties), cinnamon (antioxidants), and ginger (anti-nausea).

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