An All-Natural Flea Remedy That Works!

An All-Natural Flea Remedy That Works!
Banish fleas without the chemicals


I have been living in Vancouver, BC, since 1991, which I can tell you is a lot of winters spent in the rain!
In fact if I was to get scientific about it, on average that would be near to 1,500 days that my dog Skai and I spent plotting our winter escape.
Skai and Dr.D
At first, in an attempt to narrow down the search Skai dropped his ball onto an open map. Wherever the mud smears we shall go was his motto, but Greenland didn’t seem to solve our problem. So we decided to ditch the ball and dream big dreams instead.
Those dreams led us to the wonderful island of Maui, Hawaii, where we now spend each and every winter together. What Skai and I love most about Hawaii are the pastures and the vistas. We walk together for hours, sit by the ocean, soaking up fresh salty air and the gentle morning and evening sun.
Skai & Dr.D Maui Beach
We have a spot where we sit side by side, Skai leans his body into mine and we marvel at the beautiful calm energy of the island. I am so grateful for all the time we spend together, and I speak entirely from my heart when I say our time in Maui has been the greatest adventure Skai and I have ever shared.
But as we all know, none of this world’s great adventures are complete without an arch nemesis. The super villain of our Hawaiian island turned out to be, you guessed it, fleas. Now Skai and other raw fed dogs usually have a certain degree of resistance to fleas, but Maui, the flea capital of the world, is a completely different ball game!
Gabriella, co-creator of FleaHex
I originally met Gabriella, the co-creator of FleaHex® at a Maui yoga studio. We quickly became friends and so did our dogs Aina and Skai. The problem was that Aina kept bringing unwelcome “flea visitors” to my house, and well…. that is where it all began.
Gabriella is an organic farmer and a herbalist and when we saw the flea problem growing out of control, she started researching and testing a variety of herbal formulas and essential oils. At first it was hard to get long term reliable results but after a couple of years of fine tuning, her formula was perfected. Since then, FleaHex® has been rigorously tested in many different environments with the most staggeringly positive results.
To be frank, I never thought of launching a natural flea product before, but the call to adventure leads many of us to do the impossible. I truly did believe it was impossible to come up with a formula that would not only eliminate the adult fleas and interrupt their flea cycle, but also repel any new fleas from settling into the environment. Boy was I wrong! FleaHex® is a one way ticket for your dog’s fleas!
Over the years the need for a natural flea product to replace the toxic conventional ones has grown exponentially. We here at Dr. Dobias Natural Healing have received hundreds of emails on this very topic. And there is good reason. During my years working closely with dogs and their guardians I have come to understand just how many of our dog companions experience seizures, nerve disturbances and many other health concerns after the application of conventional flea products. This is a frightening observation. So making this dogs, and there is no better way to do that then with natural healing and natural herbs.
Together Gabriella and I share a working harmony and deep trust in one another. Our combined skills are the perfect blend for bringing FleaHex® to you to ensure
with certainty that the product is top quality, safe and highly effective.

– Dr. D. and Gabriella Bengis – the creators of FleaHex®

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