7 Dogs Really Into Just Chillin'

Just Chillin
7 Dogs Really Into Just Chillin'
These pups are takin' 'er easy


Life gets stressful—even as a dog. Because chasing tails, barking at mailmen, and fixating on food takes a toll. When it all gets a little overwhelming, take a tip from these chilled-out cuties. 


After a long, hard day there's nothing like sinking into your favourite chair. It can be annoying when someone insists on taking your photo, but such is the life of a beautiful dog. 


Mandy, submitted by Sasha Coria. 


Like his namesake, Dali is a bit eccentric. You do you, zen-booboo.


Dali, submitted by Carrie & Oliver Bleuer. 


"Find a comfortable place to lay down and stay there. Sorry did I say comfortable? I meant nearest. Did someone order take-out?" 


Montana, submitted by Kaley Cloney.


No dog has better embodied the sentiment "This seat is taken." Avery knows the value of me time. 


Avery, submitted by Renee Lowry.


Gus, on the other hand, is inviting you in for a big hug. Because when all is said and done, a little cuddle goes a long way. 


Gus, submitted by Amy O.


Stop and smell the flowers. This can require a lot of effort, so make sure to nap when necessary (Mama Lilly recommends a sunny sidewalk). 

Mama Lilly

Mama Lilly, submitted by Jamie. 


It's hot out here for a pug. Take it from Louie, sometimes the best way to cool down is to step inside your personal pint-sized cooler. 


Louie, submitted by Katherine.


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