5 Dog Crews You Want To Be A Part Of

Squad goals
5 Dog Crews You Want To Be A Part Of
Squad goals, presented to you by dogs


When you're cozied up on the couch marathoning all the Air Bud movies.

Squad Goals

Brooklyn and his friends submitted by Beatrice. 


When you're the cutest things to ever enter the back of a pick-up truck. 

Squad Goals

Ruca and her litter of six submitted by Christine. 


When you love snow and you know you're a snow angel. 

Squad Goals

Indiana Jones, Millie, and Ziggy submitted by Jason Kaplan, Amanda Dorsch, Mary Lourer


When you reenact your favourite movie with all your best pugs (plus one shepherd and a little creative license). 

Squad Goals

Pug party plus one submitted by Heather Deppen. 

When you forget what animal you are but still have the best nap ever.

Squad Goals

Fendi and friends submitted by T. Patterson. 


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