The New Kids on the Block

Category: Breeds
A new kid has officially joined the Herding group! The Belgian Laekenois is the latest breed to join the herding dogs. If you’ve never heard of this breed, you’re not alone. Many are familiar with the more famous Belgian Malinois, Belgian Tervuren, and Belgian Sheepdog; however, the fourth of the Belgian herding breeds, the Belgian Laekenois, isn’t as well known. more
Blonde Ambition

Elaine Hendrix on her off-screen mission to help animals

Category: Celeb
Elaine Hendrix has the kind of intense, dramatic beauty and commanding personality that makes heads turn when she enters a room. It's what's kept her as an in-demand actress in Hollywood for the past 20 years. more
Summer Fun

Summer Fun!

Category: Dog Life
Got a bad case of fetch-elbow? Give your arm a break and your dog a good time with the GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launcher ($140). This awesome fetch machine lets you set the speed and distance of the balls so all you have to do is watch! Now available in Junior for smaller breeds.   more
Life Unleashed

How Four Dog Lovers Found A Creative, Unconventional Life Path

Category: Inspire
Born and raised in Southern California, native west coaster Alison Turner has spent most of the last eight years on the road, accompanied by her adventurous four-legged sidekick named Max, her ever-present camera, and a pop-up camper. Alison and Max seldom stop in one place for too long, and their destination is decided on the morning they’re set to travel. For them, sleeping under the stars, running barefoot in the sand, and witnessing azure sunsets are everyday treats.  more
Teach Your Dog to Wink

Teach Your Dog To Wink!

Category: Dog Training
Dr. Caroline Coile's specialty is "dogs, dogs, dogs!" Her Ph.D. was based in canine senses, genetics, and behaviour, and she writes extensively on veterinary, genetics, senses, and other science topics. But that doesn't mean she's not about fun! more


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