Can Dogs Be Right or Left-Pawed?

Category: Dog Life
Just like people, dogs have a dominant paw. To determine which is your dog’s preferred paw, simply observe him for a while. Wait for your dog to paw at you, scratch the door, shake a hand, or retrieve at a toy from under the couch, and a preference should emerge. more

Counter Surfing

Category: Dog Training
Q: Our yellow Lab Buddy isn’t a puppy anymore but he still steals food from our kitchen counters when we’re gone. He’ll even do it if we’re home but are in the other room too long! What can we do? more
Does your Dog Need a Dental?

Does your Dog Need a Dental?

Category: Health
You wouldn’t wait years for a dental exam and teeth cleaning, and neither should your dog. Because the concept of regular dental checkups is relatively new, many of us don’t understand that our pup’s oral health problems are the same as ours. They too can suffer from gum disease and tooth loss, and, if left unchecked, it can lead to more serious problems such as organ damage, heart disease, and other health issues. You may think to yourself, but wild dogs don’t brush their teeth and visit the dentist! more
Hilarious Instagram Account

The Follow: Hilarious Instagram Account Combines Dogs & Food

Category: NewsBite
‘Dogs In Food’ is the gloriously weird Instagram account that is the obsession of foodies and dog lovers alike. Combining pretty much everyone’s two favourite things, dogs and food, the account has quickly amassed over 700,000 followers who delight in the digitally edited photos that merge, say, a Pomeranian and a corndog, or a Shar Pei and a dumpling. It’s every bit as great/weird/funny/cute as it sounds. But don’t just take our word for it. more

The Find: Alligator Jerky

Category: Nutrition
Does your dog have allergies or food sensitivities? Treat your dog right! Rayne Rewards S.I.T. Alligator Jerky is not only delicious, it’s a simple ingredient treat made from an extremely novel protein source—alligator—making it ideal for dogs suspected to have skin allergies or stomach sensitivities. We tested it and dogs (and cats!) on any diet love it! more


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