What to Do When Your Puppy Cries At Night In His Crate

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There are good reasons to crate puppies overnight. The most important is safety. Puppies can easily get into trouble if your house isn’t puppy-proofed. Crating helps with house training too. Puppies are unlikely to soil in their crate, and if they wake in the night the crate stops them finding somewhere in the house to toilet. A crate protects household objects from sharp puppy teeth. And crate training is useful in case of emergency and in case your dog is ever hospitalized at the vet. more

Reduce Bath Time Stress, Guaranteed

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We’ve all been there, soaked and frustrated after bathing our dogs. Well no more. The ingenious AquaPaw pet bathing tool, as seen on Shark Tank, makes bath time a breeze. This combination sprayer-scrubber is worn on your hand, ensuring maximum control over water flow—simply turn it on or off by making a fist and pressing the button in the center of the palm. AquaPaw connects to your shower or a standard garden hose for ultimate flexibility, and helps you clean deeply for a healthy, shiny coat. more
energetic dogs

Dogs with Excess Energy

Category: Dog Training
We all want our dogs to be happy, healthy, and enthusiastic about life. But what happens when your dog has too much energy? Just ask Felicia, owner of a six month old Goldendoodle named Barnaby. “Barnaby races around the house like a maniac, grabs things he shouldn’t have, and constantly pesters my older dog and us for attention,” an exasperated Felicia says. She wishes  Barnaby had come with an “off” switch! more
Summer Gear

Summer Gear!

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Encourage interactive play and keep your dog engaged with these durable, Oeko-Tex certified Polartec Polar Fleece rope and tug toys from Knots of Fun. $17,   more
can all dogs swim

Can All Dogs Swim?

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Many people mistakenly think that all dogs can naturally swim. This isn’t true. Though most dogs will attempt a doggy paddle if they find themselves in the water, not all dogs are good swimmers or are able to stay afloat. In the latter camp you’ll often find brachycephalic (aka short-muzzled) dogs who can tire easily or have respiration problems in the water, “top heavy” dogs with deep chests and smaller hindquarters, or dogs with short legs. more


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