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The Best Pet CBD Brand for Fireworks

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Toller Puppy

Top Tips To Avoid Losing Your Dog

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Even with the most well behaved and well trained dogs, the worst can still happen and your dog can escape and get lost. Minimize the risk by following our top tips to avoid losing your dog. 1. Make sure they are microchipped and their chip information is up to date. Micro-chipping makes it easier to find your lost dog. Remember to update the microchip contact info if you move or change phone number in case your dog is found. more
ViaGen Pets and Equine

Fido 2.0

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{ In Partnership with ViaGen Pets } Do you have a beloved pooch at home that you cannot imagine life without? Well, now you don't have to. ViaGen Pets and Equine is cloning dogs, cats, and horses in the United States. With over 19 years of experience in cloning animals, they are the worldwide leader in cloning the animals we love so much. more
Bo Obama

Obamas announce passing of family dog Bo

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Rest in Peace, Bo Obama. This past weekend, former first lady Michelle and former president Barack Obama shared some sad news. The family had to say goodbye to their 12-year-old Portuguese Water Dog, Bo, after a battle with cancer. Bo was with the family for many of their major milestones throughout Barack Obama’s presidency. When on the campaign trail in 2008, the Obama’s promised their daughters Sasha and Malia that they would get a puppy if Barack won the election. Bo was that pup.  more
Special Pups

Special Pups of Instagram

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Dog of the Week!

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